• Will Admit Reich Exiles, Peru States

    Assurances have been given by the president and several ministers that Peru will open its doors to an undetermined number of Jewish refugees from Germany. These assurances were given to Dr. Samuel G. Inman, secretary to the League -of Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees, James G. MacDonald. Dr. Inman came to Peru on behalf of… More ▸

  • Deny Talks with Peru on Polish Emigration

    A report that the Jewish Territorialist Organization of Poland is negotiating with the authorities of Peru for the admittance of Jewish emigrants from Poland on a large scale was denied today in a statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The statement was made by Freieland, the organ of the Jewish territorialists in Poland. More ▸

  • J. G. Leguia, Writer, Passes Away in Peru

    Jorge Guillermo Leguia, historian and writer, known as a friend of the Jews, is dead here. When Leguia was on a visit to Panama recently he took an active part in combating anti-Semitism in newspapers there. The target of the press attack at that time was Dr. Ariel Ben-Zion, who was conducting a campaign in… More ▸

  • Oscar Alexander, of Peru Pioneer Jewish Family, Dies

    Oscar Alexander, a native of New York and member of a pioneer Jewish family in this country, died here. He was seventy-four years old. Mr. Alexander was brought to Peru by his parents when he was two years old. The family was one of the first Jewish families to settle here. He was one of… More ▸

  • Peru’s Foreign Minister Says Government Negotiating for Large Scale Colonization

    Although he stated that he knew nothing of the reported plan of the Peruvian government to grant 2,000,000 hectares of land in Eastern Peru for exclusive Jewish colonization, Alberta Salomon, Peruvian foreign minister, who is visiting here, said today that if the means are available for large scale Jewish colonization Peru is undoubtedly the most… More ▸

  • Peruvian Government Denies Negotiations Under Way for Colonizing Jews in Peru

    The report from Berlin that negotiations had been undertaken in Germany for Jewish colonization in Peru was definitely branded as false today by the Peruvian ministry of public works in a communication to the Peruvian embassy here, which transmitted this information to the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The communication from the ministry of… More ▸

  • Doubts Whether Peru Has Yet Taken Official Action on Jewish Colonization Plan

    Doubt whether the plan reported from Berlin to colonize Jews in Peru has reached the stage of serious consideration or at least whether the Peruvian government has yet taken official action upon it was expressed by Senor L. Alvarez de Buenavista, Charge de Affaires of the Peruvian Legation, in the absence of Ambassador Velarde, in… More ▸

  • Revive Year-old Project for Peru Jewish Colonization

    A year old project by a former German marine officer, Captain Perl, to colonize Jews in Eastern Peru has now been revived here by Dr. Kirschberg, a Jewish lawyer, who is cooperating with a group interested in German colonization in Peru. This information was obtained by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today following an inquiry made… More ▸

  • Paraguay and Peru Welcome Jewish Immigration, Hias Annual Meeting Hears

    Official communications from two South American Republics, Peru and Paraguay, welcoming Jewish immigration were presented Sunday afternoon at the eighteenth annual meeting of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America, held at the Hotel Astor. There were two sessions. The morning session, presided over by Abraham Herman, was devoted to the rendering of… More ▸