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  • Jewish Homeland in Peru Suggested in House of Representatives; White Paper Scored

    Establishment of a Jewish homeland of one hundred square miles in Peru was advocated on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday by Rep. Compton I. White, Idaho Dem. White interrupted a speech by Rep. Joseph E. Talbot, Conn. Rep, against the Palestine White Paper, with the question: “Would the gentleman consider the possibility… More ▸

  • Anti-jewish Outbreaks Prevented in Peru; Plot of Germans and Japanese Thwarted

    Jews in Peru read today with great interest the official announcement of the Peruvian Government disclosing how anti-Jewish outbreaks, planned by Germans and Japanese agents, were frustrated by the discovery of the plot in time. The disorders against the Jews were to have served as a signal for a pro-Nazi revolution against the present democratic… More ▸

  • Peru, Venezuela Also Ready to Admit Jewish Refugees, Rosenberg Discloses

    Inspired by the progress of the Jewish refugee settlement in the Dominican Republic, the governments of Peru and of Venezuela have now approached Jewish leaders in New York with a view to discussing the possibility of opening the doors of these two countries to refugees along the same lines as that in the Dominican Republic…. More ▸

  • Peru to Admit Refugees

    A new presidential decree permits hanceforth the immigration of refugees into Peru on condition that 2,000 sol (approximately $800) is deposited with the Government for each immigrant. The decree provides that the deposit is to be repaid to the immigrant after the years of uninterrupted residence, providing he can prove that he is financially well… More ▸

  • Women’s Zionist Unit Set Up in Peru

    A Lima branch of the Women’s International Zionist Organization was founded yesterday by a mass meeting of Jewish women after hearing an address by Dr. S. Yuris, Jewish Agency representative who is now visiting this country. More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Delegate Opens Peru Relief Drive

    Dr. S. Yuris, representative of the Jewish Agency and the World Jewish Congress, yesterday opened the united appeal for overseas Jewish relief for the Palestine Foundation Fund with a speech at a mass meeting. With Heller, president of the Israelite Union, and Topf, president of the Zionist Federation, he visited British Ambassador Courtenay Forbes, who… More ▸

  • Peru Presses Drive on Fifth Columnists

    The Peruvian Government’s drive against potential fifth columnists has gained momentum during recent weeks, leading among other things to registration of all aliens and the internment of those who cannot be deported, because of the war, in concentration camps. The Government also has suppressed the weekly newspaper ” Los Derechos” which consistently attacked the Allies… More ▸

  • Steinhardt Wins Swedes’ Praise on Eve of Leaving for Peru Post

    American Minister Lawrence A. Steinhardt, who leaves here tomorrow to become Ambassador to Peru, has brought Swedish-American relations to the greatest possible degree of friendliness, Swedish newspapers agreed today, the Havas News Agency reported. Calling attention to the fact that during his service here the first Swedish-American commercial treaty in 108 years was signed, the… More ▸