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  • Yiddish Press in Brazil Will Appear in Portuguese

    The three Yiddish-language newspapers published in Brazil announced today that they will begin to appear in Portuguese, in accordance with the new ordinance which prohibits the publication of foreign-language newspapers in Brazil. The ordinance, issued in February, was supposed to have gone into effect yesterday. At the last minute, however, it was announced that it… More ▸

  • Portugal Restricts Shipping of Food Parcels to Nazi-held Territories

    The last route for shipment of food parcels to relatives in Nazi occupied territories was closed today, when the Portuguese post office authorities announced that in the future shipments of food parcels outside of Portugal will be restricted to a small list of articles. The list excludes most of the staples which have hitherto been… More ▸

  • 4 Refugees Lost in Submarine Sinking of Portuguese Ship

    Two refugee tragedies were revealed today following the sinking of the Portuguese steamship Ganda by an “unidentified” submarine. Passengers still missing, for whom little hope is held out, include Mrs. Anna Gutmen, 28; her daughter, Annette, 10; Mrs. Yocheveth Sadkowsky and her son, Henri, 15, Polish Jewish refugees from Belgium. Mrs. Gutmen left her husband… More ▸

  • Zola Film Banned in Portugal

    The biographical film, “Zola,” in which Paul Muni plays the title role, though at first approved by the censorship for exhibition in Portugal, has since been banned, states the Lisbon correspondent of The Times. It is castigated in the press as “Jewish and anti-military propaganda,” and the works of Zola himself are said to be… More ▸

  • Capt. Roosevelt Gets Petition from Refugees in Portugal

    Captain James Roosevelt will take to President Roosevelt an appeal from a delegation of refugees here who face imprisonment because they are unable to obtain visas under the new United States regulations barring visas for aliens with close relatives in German territory. The delegation visited the American Legation here in an effort to see Captain… More ▸

  • Portugal Protests As Brazil Bars Visas to Jews

    The Portuguese authorities have lodged a protest with the Brazilian Government against instructions issued to the Brazilian consulate in Lisbon to discontinue issuance of visas to Jews, even when they are citizens of Portugal, it was learned today. In their protest, the Portuguese authorities emphasize that Jews in Portugal enjoy equal rights and thus the… More ▸

  • Portugal Resumes Issuance of Transit Visas

    Issuance of Portuguese transit visas was renewed today by consulates abroad following an interval of a few weeks during which the consulates were not permitted to issue any visas by order of the central authorities in Lisbon. Portuguese transit visas are being issued by the consuls in Berlin and in Marseille to applicants who can… More ▸

  • Portugal Warns of Internment for Refugees Not Leaving in 2 Weeks

    Portuguese authorities have notified refugees in Lisbon and other Portuguese centers that they must leave the country within two weeks or face internment, it was learned today. The notification affects chiefly those refugees who entered the country on transit visas and were stranded. The authorities indicated that no exception would be made even for refugees… More ▸

  • Refugees in Portugal Face Internment Possibility; 20,000 in Spanish Jails

    Possibility that Jewish and political refugees stranded in Portugal will be interned has arisen to add a new difficulty to the already desperate situation of refugees from Central Europe, it was learned here today. With the new strain created in Lisbon by reports of a prospective German offensive against Gibraltar through the Iberian peninsular, the… More ▸