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  • Refugees Strive to Leave Portugal, Fearing Nazi Occupation

    Offices of Jewish relief organizations and of foreign steamship companies here were besieged today with thousands of refugees from Germany, Belgium and France seeking to flee from Portugal as a result of Hitler’s threat of yesterday that he would soon launch increased naval activities against England. The refugees in Portugal, all of whom are awaiting… More ▸

  • Third Group of Expelled Luxemburg Jews Reaches Portugal

    A third trainload of Jewish refugees from Luxemburg arrived at the Portuguese frontier today under escort of Gestapo agents. The refugees will be all owed to stay at a small thermal spas 200 milees from this city. The previous arrivals, who came in two groups of 290 and 150, reacjed Portugal earlier this month, also… More ▸

  • 10,000 Jewish Refugees in Serious Plight in Portugal, Dijour Reports

    There are now more than 10,000 Jewish refugees in Portugal, last European emigration outlet, and the number is steadily increasing, according to Elie Dijour, general secretary of the HIAS-ICA Emigration Association, who arrived here last Friday on the American Export liner Excalibur. Dijour evacuated Paris on June 10, just before the German occupation, proceeded to… More ▸

  • New Book on Jews Published by Portugal Scholar

    Essays on past and present Jewish problems are contained in the newly-published book “Grandeur and Misery of Israel” by Dr. Augusto d’Esaguy, Portuguese Jewish scholar and honorary secretary of the Portuguese Refugee Committee. The book contains penetrating chapters on the fate of Jews in Germany and Poland and also deals at length with the cultural… More ▸

  • Efforts Made to Spur Emigration of Refugees from Portugal

    The Polish, Belgian, Canadian and Luxembourg Governments are increasing efforts to facilitate emigration of refugees, it was learned here today. The Polish Minister is seeking Brazilian visas for Polish refugees while the Polish Government in London is attempting to secure admission for Poles to Australia and British colonies. Canadian authorities have opened an office to… More ▸

  • Hias-ica Leader Here from Lisbon; Praises Portugal’s Treatment of Refugees

    Dr. James Berstein, managing director of the HIAS-ICA Emigration Association and European representative of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of America, arrived here today on the American liner Manhattan from Lisbon. Dr. Bernstein, who conducted HIAS-ICA activities in the Portuguese capital after successively evacuating the organization’s offices from Paris and Bordeaux, expects to remain in… More ▸

  • Portugal Fears Loss of Freedom if Nazis Drive for Gibraltar; Gestapo Lists Jews

    Portugal, now celebrating 800 years of independence, is beginning to fear that she may lose her freedom if the development of the war makes it necessary for Germany to operate from this country. Well-informed circles believe it possible that the Nazis, in an offensive against Gibraltar, may utilize the Spanish coast and also claim the… More ▸

  • Jews Press Efforts to Escape from France; 760 More Reach Portugal

    Jews in France are continuing to make desperate efforts to escape. Some of the wealthier refugees exhaust all their funds in trying to reach Casablanca, French Morocco, in smugglers’ boats. One such vessel, Greek-owned but flying the Panama flag, reached Lisbon yesterday from France carrying 60 Belgian Jewish refugees, who could not proceed further because… More ▸

  • Feuchtwanger in Portugal Not the Author

    The authorities established today that the Feuchtwanger who arrived here on June 25 is not the author Lion Feuchtwanger but a French citizen of the same name who was passing through Portugal en route to Casablanca. (Exchange Telegraph reported in a Zurich dispatch that Lion Feuchtwanger had been arrested by the Nazi authorities in France.) More ▸

  • U.S. Legation Asks Portugal to Permit Hias to Set Up Lisbon Office

    The American Legation has asked the Portuguese Government to permit the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of America to establish its European headquarters in Lisbon. The society, as part of the HIAS-ICA Emigration Association, had previously been quartered in Paris. Representing HIAS-ICA here now are Dr. James Bernstein, European director of the association, and Eli Dijour. More ▸