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  • Jews in Portugal Will Not Be Affected by Salazar’s Death, Says Samuel Haber

    Portugal’s 600 Jews will not be affected politically by the death yesterday of former Premier Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, according to Samuel L. Haber, executive vice chairman of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Dr. Salazar, who was Premier of Portugal from 1932 to 1968, organized a Nazi-like youth corps in the late 1930s, traded… More ▸

  • Israel Repudiates Report It Cooperates with Portugal to Suppress Independence

    A Pravda report that Israel was cooperating with Portugal to suppress the independence movements in the African colonies of Angola and Mozambique was called “ludicrous” by a Foreign Ministry spokesman today. Noting that Israel was one of the first states in the Middle East to free itself from foreign rule, the spokesman said the Israeli… More ▸

  • New York Rabbi Urges Support for Small Jewish Community in Portugal

    A New York rabbi today urged the Jewish communities of the United States, Israel and Western Europe to help preserve the tiny Jewish community in Portugal by ending its isolation. Rabbi Arthur Schneier of Park Synagogue said that the Jewish community in Portugal today numbers 700 including every man, woman and child. While it possesses… More ▸

  • West Germany’s Former Envoy to Portugal Suspended Pending War Crimes Probe

    West Germany’s former ambassador to Portugal, Hans Mueller-Roschach, has been suspended from duty pending the completion of an investigation of war crimes charges against him. The envoy has been accused participating in the mass murder of Jews while he was a member of the Nazi Foreign Office between November 1941, and March, 1942. The charges… More ▸

  • Bonn Recalls Envoy to Portugal to Face Charges of Nazi Wartime Actions

    Foreign Minister Willy Brandt has recalled West Germany’s Ambassador to Portugal, Herbert Mueller Roschach as a result of an investigation of his activities in 1941 and 1942 when he served in the Jewish Department of the Nazi Foreign Ministry. The investigation disclosed that Herr Roschach had signed documents relating to the killing of Jews. The… More ▸

  • Haham of Spanish and Portuguese Jews in England Appeals to Moslem Rulers

    Dr. Solomon Gaon, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of Great Britain, appealed to the governments of the various Moslem countries to accord their Jewish inhabitants the protection and freedom to which they are entitled both as citizens and human beings. The appeal came in the wake of reports of killings and anti-Jewish persecution… More ▸

  • Israel Says Its Pro-angola Vote Has No Anti-portugal Motivations

    Israel voted yesterday in favor of a resolution sponsored by 45 Afro-Asian countries, which reaffirmed the General Assembly’s insistence on “the inalienable right of the Angelan people to self-determination and independence” and called on Portugal to undertake reforms in Angola to transfer power to the Angolan people. Michael S. Comay, Israel’s permanent representative to the… More ▸

  • Israel Refused to Sell Arms to Portugal, Defense Official Reports

    Israel rejected an order from Portugal for its famous Uzzi submachine guns and also refused permission to its Belgian patent concessionaire to supply the weapons to Portugal, Deputy Defense Minister Shimon Peres disclosed today in debate in the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament. The defense official made the statement in reply to Mapam and Communist demands for… More ▸

  • Reports on Germany’s Sale of Israeli Arms to Portugal Denied in Knesset

    Press reports–now definitely denied by both the West German and Israeli Governments–that “Uzzi” submachine guns purchased here by the Bonn authorities had been resold to Portugal for use against the independence movements in Angola, Africa, brought a flare-up and sharp anti-government criticisms in the Knesset (Parliament) here today. When all the shouting and recriminations were… More ▸