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  • New Group of Refugees from Spain and Portugal Arrive Here En Route to Canada

    Seventy-four Jewish refugees who arrived here yesterday from Spain and Portugal aboard the Portuguese steamer Serpa Pinto, are expected to leave for Canada today in a sealed train, as soon as immigration and custom officials have completed their inquiries. Among the arrivals are fifteen children. The refugees were met at the dock by representatives of… More ▸

  • First Transport of 742 Jewish Refugees from Portugal and Spain Lands in Palestine

    After being on the high seas for only eight days, the Portuguese liner Nyassa arrived here late yesterday with 742 Jewish refugees from Europe. This is the first transport of Jewish refugees to reach Palestine through the Mediterranean since 1940. Representatives of the Jewish Agency and of other Jewish organizations met the refugees at the… More ▸

  • Canada Authorizes Admission of Refugees Stranded in Spain and Portugal

    The Canadian Government today authorized the admission into Canada of refugees now stranded in Spain and in Portugal. The Government is re-opening its immigration office in Lisbon for this purpose, it was announced here. The announcement disclosed that a Canadian immigration officer has been sent to Lisbon and will soon be ready to issue the… More ▸

  • Hias Cables $25,000 for Refugee Transportation from Spain and Portugal

    To facilitate the departure of new groups of Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain for Central and South American countries, the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society today cabled 500,000 Escudos, approximately $25,000, to the HIAS-ICA Emigration Association headquarters in Lisbon, it was announced here by Isaac L. Asofsky, executive director. The amount was remitted… More ▸

  • Jews in Czech Protectorate Permitted to Send Letters to Portugal

    Jews in the Czech Protectorate will henceforth be permitted to send one letter monthly to people residing in Spain and in Portugal, Nazi authorities in Prague announced. The letters are not to exceed 100 words each and can be sent only after permission is granted by the chief of police in Prague through whom the… More ▸

  • Rumania Sentences Portuguese Consul to Hard Labor for Helping Jews

    Panait Theodosathos, honorary Portuguese consul in Braila, Rumania, has been sentenced by a Rumanian court to one year at hard labor one year at hard labor on the charge that he issued forged Portuguese passports to stateless Jews in Rumania in order to help them evade anti-Jewish laws, the German official news agency DNB reported… More ▸

  • Jewish Museum Opened in Portugal on Site of Ancient Synagogue

    The first museum in Portugal containing exhibits of Jewish culture and history will be opened soon at Tomar on the site of the old synagogue there, which predates the expulsion of the Jews in the fifteenth century. The individual who owned the property has presented the museum to the Portuguese Government. More ▸

  • Portuguese Government Grants Legal Status to All Refugees As New Year’s Gift

    The Portuguese Government has expressed its sympathy with persecuted Jews by issuing a New Year order under which all refugees who entered the country illegally, whether they are at present in hiding or in prison, are to be given full legal status as transit travelers and will be allowed to live unmolested in the coastal… More ▸

  • Two Portuguese Steamers Land New Groups of Jewish Refugees in Philadelphia

    Two groups of Jewish rofugees from Nazi-occupied lands arrived here today on the steamers Serpa Pinto and San Thome, which sailed from Lisbon, Portugal. They were met at the pier by representatives of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of New York who routed them to relatives and friends in various parts of the… More ▸