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  • Obama adviser heading to Syria

    The controversy about Obama’s foreign policy advisers continues. The New York Sun reports that Zbigniew Brzezinski, an adviser to Barack Obama, is en route to Damascus at the helm of a delegation from the RAND Corporation. Brzezinski, who was Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor, is considered cool to Israel, and he was cited in a… More ▸

  • Hillary takes Maryland Jewish vote

    Hillary Clinton took 60 percent of the Jewish vote in the Maryland primary. Here’s the JTA brief about the breakdown: Hillary Clinton won 60 percent of the Jewish vote in Maryland’s Democratic primary, but Barack Obama won overall. Sen. Obama (D-Ill.) was the choice of virtually every other religious group polled, and he easily won… More ▸

  • Caucuses for Florida?

    The AP is reporting that the Democrats are floating the idea of caucuses in Florida and Michigan as a way to resolve the standoff over whether their delegates will count in the nominating contest. State party reps say the proposal is nothing new, and they’re sticking with the results of their votes. Clinton won Florida… More ▸

  • Seals trounces Footlik

    JTA’s Jacob Berkman has been covering the Democratic congressional primary fight in Illinois between Dan Seals and Jay Footlik, who served as Bill Clinton’s and John Kerry’s Jewish liaison. The final tally isn’t pretty: Seals 81% (72,704), Footlik 19% (16,563). The Berkinator will have more later today. More ▸