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  • Obama Girl returns

    There’s a new short video out this week from everyone’s favorite political ingenue, Obama Girl. We didn’t love it quite as much as her breakthrough video, and not nearly as much as Perfected, the mock-ode to Ann Counter by Obama Girl vocalist and MOT Leah Kauffman. Still, the prize for this week’s best political video… More ▸

  • At least Hillary is proud

    John McCain might be too embarrassed to tout his endorsement from the New York Times. But not Hillary. Check out this new ad, apparently running only in New York. Think Obama will do the same with his NY Post endorsement? 3 More ▸

  • The latest polls: McCain solidifying, Obama gaining

    The latest national polls, released by Gallup yesterday, show John McCain solidifying his lead over Mitt Romney, 32% to 21%. On the Democratic side, Obama is gaining on Clinton, who still enjoys a lead pf 42% to Obama’s 36%. The polling was conducted over three nights before John Edwards withdrew from the race yesterday. Big… More ▸

  • Whither the Orthodox Dems?

    Couple of interesting nuggets today about where Orthodox Democrats are leaning in the election. According to the Daily News, New York City Councilman Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn Democrat, is planning to vote for Obama out of concern for the racially-tinged language employed by the Clintons in advance of the South Carolina primary. Felder’s announcemnt should… More ▸

  • Ayalon: I’m trying to help Obama

    Former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Danny Ayalon, has been getting slammed for a recent op-ed in which he said Barack Obama’s candidacy should be met with “with some degree of concern.” First, his successor, Salai Merridor, took a swipe at Ayalon, asserting that Israel has no intention of interfering in American elections: “Opinions to… More ▸

  • Chicago papers: Take Seals over Footlik

    Just in case you forgot during all the presidential hoopla, JTA is looking at the Democratic congressional primary in the 10th District of Illinois, where former Clinton aide and M.O.T. Jay Footlik is vying against Dan Seals to see who will get the chance to take on the strongly pro-Israel Republican incumbent Mark Kirk. Footlik,… More ▸

  • I didn’t want your endorsement anyway!

    Quick Quiz: Which presidential candidate is touting the newspaper endorsements he DIDN’T receive? Answer: New York’s own Rudy Giuliani. Check out this campaign ad that tries to explain why Rudy’s hometown paper called him “a narrow, obsessively secretive, vindictive man.” More ▸

  • JTA PODCAST: Obama addresses Jewish concerns

    Barack Obama just finished a conference call with Jewish reporters (read the news brief). He took four questions, the first from JTA’s own Ron Kampeas. But while questions dealt with the Middle East, and the recent controversy about Obama’s church, what the candidate really wanted to talk about was the smear campaign that has circulated… More ▸

  • Solomont helped win Kennedy’s support

    Alan Solomont, the prominent Boston Jewish philanthropist and Barack Obama’s chief fund-raiser, was among those who approached Ted Kennedy about endorsing the Illinois Senator. Here’s JTA’s brief on it: A key Jewish fund-raiser for Barack Obama prodded U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy to endorse the presidential hopeful. Alan Solomont, a prominent Jewish philanthropist and fund-raiser for… More ▸

  • McCain to Times: Thanks, but …

    Hillary is pretty psyched to have gotten the endorsement of the New York Times, judging from its prominence on her website. John McCain? Ummm, not so much. Gold star for anyone who can find a reference to the Gray Lady on McCain’s site. He’s happy about Sly Stallone’s endorsement though. More ▸