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  • Ngo Conclave Attended by Jewish Groups Vows to Protect Status at UN

    A conference here of 90 non-governmental organizations that enjoy consultative status within the United Nations Economic and Social Council agreed today to give special attention to protecting the status and dignity of such organizations. The matter was brought up in light of Soviet-Arab attempts to deprive certain Jewish organizations of their status at a meeting… More ▸

  • Economic Conference Told Increased Interest Rates Would Attract Foreign Deposits

    An Israeli banker proposed at an international gathering of business executives that Israeli banks raise their rate of interest on dollar deposits in order to attract more deposits from foreign nationals living here as well as new capital from non-residents. Daniel Recanati, chairman of the Israel Discount Bank, told the economic committee at the World… More ▸

  • Golda Meir Opens Second World Economic Conference for Israel, Devoted to Investment

    Premier Golda Meir today formally opened the second world economic conference for Israel, a sequel to the international economic conference convened here in April, 1968, by her predecessor, the late Premier Levi Eshkol. Israel’s Finance Minister and Minister of Commerce and Industry, Zeev Sharef, told the assembled businessmen from the U.S. and other countries that… More ▸

  • Reform Rabbis Will Study Means of Making Synagogue More Relevant to Us Jewry

    The rabbinic arm of Reform Judaism has launched a two-year study to determine ways to make the synagogue more relevant to American Jews and to “help build a creative American Jewry.” The project was announced at the closing session of the 80th annual convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis by Rabbi David Polish,… More ▸

  • Reform, Conservative Rabbis Invite Orthodox to Join Opposition to Growing Secularism

    The leaders of Reform and Conservative Judaism in America called on their Orthodox colleagues today to join them in a combined effort to challenge the growing forces of secularism in the country and particularly the spreading indifference of American Jewish youth toward religion. But Rabbi Levi A. Olan, president of the Central Conference of American… More ▸

  • Reform Rabbis Debate Whether Chaplains Should Serve in Civilian or Military Capacities

    American Reform rabbis debated today whether Jewish chaplains in the armed forces should serve in a civilian or military capacity and whether Christian-Jewish dialogues should be limited or broadened in scope. The debate developed during the second day of the 80th annual convention here of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the rabbinic body… More ▸

  • Olan Opens CCAR Parley with Call for ‘sacrificial Support’ of Israel by Americans

    A leader of Reform Judaism called on America’s 5.5 million Jews to render “sacrificial support” of Israel through the contribution of funds and other activities even if it means reducing their own living standards. Rabbi Levi A. Olan, of Dallas, president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, delivered the keynote address at the 80th… More ▸

  • Finch Says ‘common Interest, Destiny’ Key to Stability and Peace in Mideast

    Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Robert H. Finch called “a sense of common interest and common destiny” between Israel and her Arab neighbors “the only key to stability, to mutual security, and ultimately to a peace that endures.” Mr. Finch spoke at an Israel Bonds rally here. “There is much,” Mr. Finch said, “that… More ▸