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Prime Minister

  • Presidents Conference Slates 2-day Parley of Leaders on Middle East Issues

    The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations announced today that a National Jewish Leadership Conference on Peace in the Middle East will convene here March 23-24 bringing together some 400 Jewish leaders from all over the country. Rabbi Herschel M. Schacter, chairman of the group, said each of its 22 constituent agencies will… More ▸

  • Shazar Officially Names Mrs. Meir As Premier and Asks Her to Form a Government

    President Zalman Shazar today officially named Mrs. Golda Meir, 70, Israel’s fourth Prime Minister, wished her luck and long life and observed that she enjoyed greater support in the Knesset (Parliament) than any of her predecessors. Mrs. Meir visited the President to accept his letter of appointment as specified by Israeli law. Mr. Shazar noted… More ▸

  • Shazar Confers with Knesset Factions Before Asking Mrs. Meir to Form Government

    Israel’s President Zalman Shazar conferred today with all political factions in the Knesset (Parliament) to make sure there was complete assent before naming Mrs. Golda Meir as Prime Minister-designate and asking her to form a new government. Mrs. Meir was nominated for the Premiership–and accepted–last Friday by a vote of 287-0 with 45 abstentions in… More ▸

  • Israel Cabinet Confident Nixon Will Not Adopt Peace Policies Harmful to Israel

    The Cabinet session today was devoted to political and defense matters. While no details were released, the impression here was that the government was fully confident that President Richard M. Nixon would not be swayed by Soviet or French pressures into adopting policies inimical to Israel. The Cabinet meeting was attended by Gen. Yitzhak Rabin,… More ▸

  • 2 Former British Cabinet Ministers Eulogize Eshkol at Zionist Federation Meeting

    Two former British Cabinet ministers eulogized the late Prime Minister Levi Eshkol of Israel at a memorial meeting yesterday sponsored by the British Zionist Federation. Selwyn Lloyd, a Conservative Party Leader and former Foreign Secretary, declared that Mr. Eshkol was “a man of wisdom and courage who died in harness” and added, “may his lasting… More ▸

  • Coalition Formed by Eshkol Appears Certain to Continue As Gahal Gives Assent

    The continuity of the national unity government put together by the late Prime Minister Levi Eshkol on the eve of the Six-Day War appeared assured today as its second largest faction, Gahal, announced that it favored preservation of the present coalition line-up. But Gahal (Herut-Liberal alignment) insisted on and won Israel Labor Party agreement to… More ▸

  • Charges Hickel Does Not Support Federal Budget Item for Desalination Plant in Israel

    Secretary of the Interior, Walter J. Hickel, does not support a Federal budget item that would provide $40 million for a nuclear desalination plant in Israel, Rep. William Fitts Ryan, (D. , N.Y.) charged today. Rep. Ryan disclosed that Secretary Hickel appeared before the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, on which the Congressman… More ▸