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Prussian Federation of Jewish Communitie

  • Geave Economic Distress in German Jewry: Serious Report from Breslau.

    The economic distress in Breslau and throughout Silesia and the Eastern parts of Germany has hit the local Jewish population particularly hard, the “Juedisches Wochenblatt” reports. Old established banking houses, numerous industrial and commercial firms of the highest integrity which have been for decades in Jewish hands have crashed. Veteran businessmen, who were once men… More ▸

  • Theological Seminary Marks 75th Jubilee

    The seventy-fifth jubilee of the Jewish Theological Seminary was celebrated here with special services. Rabbi Guttman, the oldest graduate of the Seminary, delivered a sermon. Others who delivered addresses were Dr. Rabin and Dr. Heinemann, who expressed appreciation for the help the Seminary had received from America. Greetings were brought by representatives of the Ministry… More ▸

  • Jewish War Veterans of Germany Celebrate Tenth Anniversary

    The tenth anniversary of the existence of the Reichsbund der Juedischen Frontsoldaten, the organization of Jewish war veterans in the German army, was celebrated Saturday evening in the former Prussian House of Lords. Representatives of the sixteen Jewish state federations in Germany were present together with the representatives of the various state governments. Former German… More ▸

  • Prussian Jews Reject Plan to Create Federation of Jewish Federations

    With a majority of one the Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities in session here rejected the draft of a constitution for the proposed Federation of Jewish Federations in the Republic. The draft, which had been under discussion for some time in Germany, has been approved by all, except the Prussian state federations of Jewish communities…. More ▸

  • Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities Sessions Open in Berlin

    The participation of German non-Zionists in the extended Jewish Agency for Palestine may come up for discussion and decision at the fifth annual session of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Prussia which opened here yesterday. Heinrich Stern, leader of German Liberal Jews, is presiding over the sessions. Kammergerichtsrat Wolff submitted a draft of a… More ▸

  • German Jews to Take Final Decision on National Communities Federation

    The final decision with regard to the projected creation of an All-German Federation of Jewish Communities is to be taken at the Fifth Conference of the Federation of Prussian Jewish Communities, which is opening here on February 3rd in the former Upper Chamber of the Prussian Parliament. In accordance with the draft Constitution to be… More ▸

  • Ort Exhibition Opened in Berlin to Be Brought to United States

    Work of Eighteen Schools and Jewish Colonies Represented (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) An exhibition of industrial and agricultural products manufactured and raised in the artisan schools and colonies supported by the Ort, association for the promotion of trades and agriculture among the Jews, was opened today at the Berlin Palace of Arts. The exhibition will be… More ▸