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Prussian Federation of Jewish Communitie

  • German Jewish Federation Begins Welfare Work

    First steps toward formulating a program for the joint action of what might be termed a Federation of Jewish Federations in the German Republic were made at a conference of representatives of the state federations of Jewish communities held here. In accordance with recent decisions, representatives of the various state federations met to discuss the… More ▸

  • J.D.B. News Letter

    (By our Berlin Correspondent) The plight of the Russian Jews living abroad, and the possibility of organizing a movement for their relief was discussed at a meeting of Rabbis of the Berlin Jewish Community held here yesterday, with Rabbi Dr. Meier Hildesheimer in the chair. The President of the Federation of Russian Jews in Germany,… More ▸

  • German Jews Cope with Problem of Members Leaving Communities

    Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service A serious problem has arisen in German Jewry as a result of the growing number of Jews who are leaving the organized Jewish communities with a view to avoiding payment of the communal taxation. The Constitution Commission of the Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities. which is drawing up the final… More ▸

  • Austrian Federation Seeks Contact with Other Countries

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service) The question of closer contact between Jewish Communal organizations in various countries was discussed at the first meeting of the recently organized Federation of Jewish Communities in Austria which was held here. It was stated that the Federation of Jewish Communities has already entered into definite relations with the Prussian… More ▸

  • Oldest Rabbi of Germany, Lion Wolff, Retires at 82

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service) After Fifty-seven years in office, of which twenty-five were spent in the service of the congregation at Tempelburg in Pomerania, Rabbi Lion Wolff retired this week at the age of eighty-two. Rabbi Wolff, who was the preacher of the Tempelburg congregation, was the oldest teacher and preacher of any faith… More ▸

  • Uniform Prayer Book to Be Issued for Liberal Congregations in Germany

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A new edition of the prayer book for German Jewish liberal congregations will be issued shortly, it was learned following the appointment of a special liberal cultural committee by the Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities. The purpose of the new edition is to introduce uniformity in the prayers in the liberal congregations…. More ▸

  • Dr. I. Freund’s Fiftieth Birthday Celebrated by Jews in Germany

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service) Dr. Ismar Freund, member of the Council of the Prussian Federation of Jewish Communities and lecturer at the Seminary for Jewish Science, is celebrating his fiftieth birthday today. Born on April 11th, 1878, in Breslau, Dr. Freund studied at the Breslau University and the Breslau Rabbinical Seminary. He became lecturer… More ▸