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Reform movement

  • RIP Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, 89, civil rights movement leader

    Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, civil right movement leader, passed away today at the age of 89. JTA coverage of the civil rights movement includes one mention of the Rev. Shuttlesworth. [[READMORE]] Fifteen Rabbis Arrested in St. Augustine Pro-Negro Demonstration (Published: June 19, 1964) ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Jun. 18 (JTA) – Fifteen Reform rabbis were among 37 demonstrators arrested here… More ▸

  • Jacobs too left to lead Reform

    To the Editor: The one thing that you don’t mention in your piece about Richard Jacobs is the elephant in the room: His appointment represents a sharp turn to the political left for the Reform movement. A member of J Street’s Rabbinical Cabinet, and an enthusiastic supporter of its program, Rabbi Jacobs is proud to… More ▸

  • Questions on Rabbi Jacobs’ NIF affiliation

    To the Editor: The man tapped to lead the Reform movement is a board member of the New Israel Fund? Is that the same NIF that provided funding for the anti-Israel Goldstone Report that accused Israel of war crimes and support for Adalah, which accuses Israel of implementing apartheid? Did Rabbi Jacobs distance himself from… More ▸

  • Much work to do for Reform in Israel

    To the Editor: As to your article "Reform leaders push new image of strong, growing Israel movement," I have been living in Israel since July as a student in Hebrew Union College’s Year in Israel program. This is my first extended visit to Israel and I have been interested in the role progressive Judaism plays… More ▸

  • Debbie Friedman more than ‘folksy’

    To the Editor: Please give Debbie Friedman her due; she was not "folksy." Rather she cut through the institutional stasis that has characterized and been draining the "organized" Jewish community for decades. Why did it take the Reform movement until 2007 to officially recognize this? She didn’t just get congregations to sing, she got Jews… More ▸

  • Agreeing with Rabbi Amar on conversion bill

    To the Editor: Having read the Op-Ed by the chief rabbi and the Conservative/Reform and Jewish Federations of North America responses, I was surprised that I found myself agreeing with Chief Rabbi Amar on several points. I say surprised because I had always seen this type of bill as a potential split in world Jewry…. More ▸