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  • Nazis Reduce Size of Jewish Ghetto in Kaunas; Jewish Homes Looted in Riga

    Reports from Berlin published today in the Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper, reveal that the Nazi authorities have reduced the size of the Jewish ghetto in Kaunas, capital of Nazi-held Lithuania, and have crowded the Jews there into the slums of the city. The Deutsche Zeitung in Ostland, a Nazi paper for the Baltic countries… More ▸

  • Nazi Papers Admit Corruption of German Officials in Ghettos in Occupied Lands

    Nazi newspapers reaching here today through neutral countries openly describe the corruption which German officials are practicing in the Jewish ghettos in occupied countries, as well as the mounting resentment within the Reich against the Gestapo and higher Nazi functionaries. The Deutsche Zeitung im Ostland, a Nazi newspaper published in Riga for the occupied Baltic… More ▸

  • Jews from Nuremberg Deported to Riga Ghetto

    Reports reaching here today state that Jews from a number of cities in Germany, especially from Nuremberg, have been transported to Riga and segregated in the Jewish ghetto there. Jews in Sweden have been able to establish contact with those in Nazi-occupied Eastern countries, but not with the residents of the Riga ghetto. Letters can… More ▸

  • Deportation of Jews from Reich Halted; Famine, Disease Sweeping Riga Ghetto

    Deportation of Jews from Germany to Eastern Poland and the Baltic states has been stopped because of the inability of the Nazi authorities to secure sufficient transportation facilities, and also because the Polish and Baltic ghettos are overcrowded to the point where it is virtually impossible to jam any more people into them, it was… More ▸

  • Desperate Food Shortage in Baltic Ghettos; Jews Sell Last Valuables for Bread

    The desperate shortage of food among the Jews confined in the ghettos in the Baltic countries has driven them to trade their last valuables to non-Jews for bread, despite the severe penalties provided for illegal intercourse between residents of the ghetto and persons outside. A story appearing in the Deutsche Zeitung im Ostland, Nazi paper… More ▸

  • Nazis Order Registration of Jews in Odessa; 80,000 Jews Reported in Riga Ghetto

    The registration of all Jews in Odessa is reported today as having been ordered by a mixed German-Rumanian military commission there. It is assumed here that only Jewish women and children remain in Odessa and that the entire Jewish male population has retreated with the Soviet armies. The Deutsche Zeitung in Ostland, published for the… More ▸

  • Jews in Riga Arrested for Attempt to Get Food Outside Ghetto

    Arrests of Jews in Riga for attempting to secure food outside of the ghetto is reported in the Deutsche Zeitung, a Riga newspaper reaching here today. The paper lists the names of the arrested Jews and says that some of them were caught buying butter and meat outside the ghetto, while others were arrested for… More ▸

  • Jews Prohibited to Work in Nazi-held Baltic Countries; Properties Confiscated

    Jews in the Nazi-held Baltic countries are no longer permitted to engage in any work, except if they are specialists needed for German industry, the Tidningen, a leading Swedish newspaper reports today. The report states that the Nazi authorities in Riga and other Baltic cities have cancelled all the labor permits held by Jews. New… More ▸

  • Pogrom Feared in Riga: Thousands of Jews Arrested

    Anti-Jewish massacres are feared by the Jewish population in Riga, capital of Latvia, as a result of the intense anti-Semitic propaganda which the Nazi occupational forces are now carrying on in the city, a report from Riga to the Svenska Dagebladet states today. The report reveals that thousands of Jews have been arrested by the… More ▸