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  • Gymnast carries Jewish torch on RNC final night

    Republican Jewish Coalition chairman David Flaum was originally scheduled to speak on the final night of the Republican National Convention, but apparently the loss of Monday’s program and the subsequent rescheduling of much of the convention meant Flaum was bumped from the schedule Thursday evening. Or maybe it was because Flaum wasn’t strong enough on… More ▸

  • Catering by Wolfgang Puck, red meat from Dennis Prager at RJC event

    A number of Jewish organizations don’t have kosher events, but will eschew non-kosher meat for fish or vegetarian meals. Despite the many yarmulkes in the crowd, that wasn’t the case at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s “Salute to GOP Governors” this week at the Republican National Convention. While there was a kosher table in the back… More ▸

  • Attacking Obama for having the same position as McCain

    After hearing the charge three times in the last 36 hours, it is obvious that attacking Barack Obama for “flip-flopping” on the issue of Jerusalem is going to be a major talking point for Republicans in the Jewish community this fall. But there’s one huge problem with it. While even Obama has acknowledged that, at… More ▸

  • RJC leader: I like Sinatra, Palin likes Israel

    A top Jewish Republican leader said today that Sarah Palin will help John McCain appeal to Jewish voters because her background reinforces the message that McCain is a “real agent of change.” Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks told reporters in Minneapolis today that McCain is “not your average ordinary Republican” where “it’s going… More ▸

  • RJC is a matchmaker for filmmakers

    When movie director David Zucker was first told there was a Republican Jewish Coalition, he replied, “That’s like Indians for Custer!” But it turned out that the RJC was how Zucker, co-creator of the classic comedy “Airplane!” met Myrna Sokoloff, his co-writer for his latest film “An American Carol.” Both Sokoloff and Zucker were “9-11… More ▸

  • Hadassah Lieberman: Not a Republican, but backing McCain

    Like her husband, Hadassah Lieberman is backing John McCain. And on Monday afternoon she was the featured speaker at the Republican Jewish Coalition National Women’s Committee fund-raiser and fashion show. But, she insisted to JTA, that doesn’t mean she’s become a Republican. A global ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Lieberman said… More ▸

  • Carter will be in Denver, but his speech will be from New Orleans

    Jimmy Carter’s speech at the Democratic National Convention will be on videotape from New Orleans, but he will be present in the convention hall in Denver on Monday night. Obama convention spokesperson Jenny Backus called to clarify her e-mail yesterday and said the controversial former president will “be recognized” before his speech and may even… More ▸

  • Obama in Israel: What to look for

    It’s not quite as big a stage as the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, but plenty of pundits and Jewish observers will be paying attention Wednesday as Barack Obama visits Israel (the first half of the sentence was a joke … I think). Obama spoke at the AIPAC parley back in early June, the morning… More ▸