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rudy larusso

  • Top 10 Jewish NBA Draftees (Anthony Davis’ unibrow doesn’t count)

    The NBA Draft was Thursday, and unfortunately this year’s list of prospects did not include any outstanding Jewish players.
    Since the Beren Academy kids aren’t old enough yet, and the only player close to Jewish is projected number-one pick Anthony Davis, who’s unibrow reminds me of a few Israeli men I know, we decided to remember the days when Jews had a much bigger presence on the court (not off it like today).
    Some Jews have even been drafted pretty high.
    Here are our Jewish top 10 picks:
    10. Omri Casspi (23rd Pick)

    Drafted: 2009, 1st round – 23rd pick
    Team: Sacramento Kings
    College: N/A, Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)
    Position: Small Forward
    NBA Career: 2009-present – 8.7 Points per game, 4.2 Rebounds per game, 1.1 Assists per game
    Did you know: Omri is the first (and only) Israeli player in the NBA. More ▸