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  • Chief Rabbi Rosen Reports on Rumanian Jewish Exodus

    Chief Rabbi Moses Rosen of Rumania told the press that during the first five months of 1981, 333 Jews left Rumania for Israel, while 390 Jews obtained passports and are ready for emigration. Rabbi Rosen also said 299 Jews have been approved and are preparing the required documents for passports. Chief Rabbi Rosen said he… More ▸

  • Rumania Repudiates and Condemns an Anti-semitic Tract

    Ambassador Nicolai lonescu of Rumania has informed the World Jewish Congress that his government categorically repudiates and condemns an anti-Semitic tract that has appeared in Bucharest and that appropriate measures have been taken to halt its circulation in Rumania. The envoy made that clear to Rabbi Arthur Schneier, chairman of the WJC American Section, who… More ▸

  • Rumanian Leader Reported Planning a New Middle East Initiative

    President Nicolae Ceausescu is planning a new Middle East peace initiative involving a meeting between himself and Premier Menachem Begin of Israel and President An-war Sadat of Egypt to try to unlock the freeze in the Mideast peace negotiations. Such an initiative was reported from Warsaw today by Arye Zimuki, Yediot Achronot’s political correspondent. Zimuki… More ▸

  • Presidents Conference Favors Mfn Extension for Rumania: Warns It Will Monitor Emigration of Jews

    Saying that it would be good for the United States, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations gave a qualified endorsement to another one-year extension of most-favored-nation (MFN) status for Rumania and warned Bucharest that the emigration of Jews from that East European country would be closely monitored. Jack Spitzer, president of B’nai… More ▸

  • Expert on East Europe Opposes Mfn for Rumania

    An expert on Eastern Europe told Congressmen yesterday that “Rumania has made no fundamental improvement in emigration since last summer’s public guarantees to American Jewish organizations” and there fore most favored-nation trade status should not be extended to that country for another year. Opposition to MFN status for Rumania was expressed by Jacob Birnbaum, national… More ▸

  • Presidents Conference Endorses Extension of Mfn Status for Rumania

    The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations today endorsed another one-year extension of most-favored-nation (MFN) trade status for Rumania. In written testimony submitted on behalf of the Conference, Jock Spitzer, president of B’nai B’rith International, one of the constituent organizations, told the Trade Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee that despite… More ▸

  • Passover in Rumania

    Some 6000 Jews participated in collective seders in 28 communities throughout Rumania, Chief Rabbi Moses Rosen reported today. At the Chief Rabbi’s seder, Jewish members of the Academy of Science, writers, artists and hundreds of students attended the ceremony which lasted until 2 a.m. More than 10,000 Jews received aid for Passover in the form… More ▸

  • Rumanian Defects in Israel

    Ivanov Roland, a masseur attached to a visiting Rumanian soccer team, apparently has defected. The Rumanian Embassy was informed by the team’s manager, Francis Kovocz, that Roland has been missing since Saturday night. He was last seen in Netanya where he reportedly borrowed IL 500 and $100 front team mates and, carrying a valise, boarded… More ▸