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  • Jewish Immigration to Israel from Rumania is Termed a Success

    David Rah, a staff member of the Trade Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today that the recent Congressional trip to Rumania, led by Rep. Charles Vanik (D. Ohio), “was rather successful, particularly in terms of immigration to Israel” by Rumanian Jews who wish to immigrate. Rohr, who… More ▸

  • U.S. Jewish Groups Likely to Recommend Mfn for Rumania

    Renewal of most favored nation (MFN) trade status for Rumania most likely will be recommended to the United States government by American Jewish groups, Jack Spitzer, president of B’nai B’rith International, said yesterday. Spitzer and Alfred Moses, vice president of the American Jewish Committee, returned Sunday night from a visit to Rumania where they met… More ▸

  • Situation of Rumanian Jews

    Alfred Moses; American Jewish Committee national vice president, left last night for Rumanid to participate in discussions with Rumanian officials on Jewish emigration from that country. Moses played a key role in talks that led to emigration assurances from the Rumanian authorities last July, when Congress was considering whether to renew Most Favored Norton trade… More ▸

  • Cha Nukah Marathon Ends in Rumania

    The Chanukah marathon ended in Rumania last week. Chief Rabbi Moses Rosen, accompanied by several hundred Jewish youngsters, boys and girls, visited 27 communities, from the capital to the smallest of towns, during the 10 day celebration of the Festival of Lights. In each place, the entire Jewish population participated. Youth orchestras and choirs performed… More ▸

  • Rumanian Envoy Denies Jews Have Difficulties Getting Exit Visas

    Jon Kovac, the Rumanian Ambassador to Israel, has angrily denied press reports here that-Rumanian Jews seeking to immigrate to Israel were experiencing difficulties and delays in getting their exit permits from the Rumanian authorities. “Such reports do not contribute to the promotion of Israeli-Rumanian relations,” the envoy said at a press conference here several days… More ▸

  • 321 Rumanian Families Re Gister for Immigration to Israel

    Rumanian Chief Rabbi Moses Rosen reported here that 321 families representing 729 people have registered for immigration to Israel. The immigration lists were opened by the Rumanian authorities Sept. 2 at the request of Israel and Jewish organizations. Moses said that the actual registration is still going on but that these figures “give a general… More ▸

  • Begin Rejects Rumanian Proposal That Israel Meet with the PLO

    Premier Menachem Begin told the Cabinet yesterday that he rejected a Rumanian proposal that Israel meet with the Palestine Liberation Organization. He said his rejection came during a private 90-minute meeting in his office last Friday with Vasile Pungun, a special representative of Rumanian President Nicolae Ceausescu. Begin briefed the Cabinet on the meeting in… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA Threatening Letters Received by Jewish Editors of the Rumanian Section of Radio F

    Jewish editors of the Rumanian Section of Radio Free Europe (RFE) in Munich have received anonymous threatening letters, and two RFE employes there, Jacob Popper and Edgar Rafael, claim there is a link between the letters, deportation proceedings against accused Nazi war criminal Archbishop Valerian Trifa, and allegations of anti-Semitism within the Rumanian Department of… More ▸

  • Senate Unit Seeks to Determine Rumania’s Position on Emigration

    The Senate Finance subcommittee on international trade is seeking to find what guarantees the Rumanian government has given to the United States on emigration in order to continue to be eligible for U.S. most-favored-nation trade benefits. The subcommittee, headed by Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (D.Conn.), went into executive session today on the first day of the… More ▸