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  • Polish Jews in Reich Suffer in Concentration Camps

    Unimpeachable sources told this correspondent today that 35,000 Jews were being held in three Nazi concentration camps, where they were suffering from hunger and cold and were subjected to the most inhuman treatment. Separated from their wives and children, who were permitted to remain at liberty but who had no means of livelihood, the prisoners… More ▸

  • Polish Jewish Leaders Held by Nazis for Ransom in Foreign Currency

    Nazis in Poland are arresting Jewish leaders and releasing them only after payment of stipulated sums of money in foreign currency by the local Jewish communities, it was reported here today. In Lodz, members of the Jewish Community Executive were arrested about a month ago and later released. Some have been rearrested and sent to… More ▸

  • Ash Remains of 600 Jews Shipped from Nazi Camps to Jews in Lodz

    Six hundred parcels containing the ashes of murdered Jews have been received by families in Lodz, Nazi Poland, it was reported from Copenhagen today by the Polish Press Bureau. The dispatch said that the Nazi authorities in Lodz have arrested 12,000 Jews, including all rabbis, all members of the executive board of the Jewish Communal… More ▸

  • Jews Forced to Make Poison Gas for Nazis

    French newspapers reported today that all Jews, Poles and political prisoners in the German concentration camps of Dachau, Oranienburg and Papenburg were being forced to produce poison gas. The camps have been transformed into “prohibited cities,” the reports said. At the same time, reports said, Jews in Nazi-occupied Galicia were undergoing tortures. In the township… More ▸

  • Women Kin of Polish Jews Held by Nazis Demonstrate in Berlin

    Polish Jewish women have demonstrated several times in Berlin synagogues in the past week, demanding that something be done about male relatives in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the Associated Press reported today. German rabbis were placed in an embarrassing position since intervention in behalf of the Polish Jews might be construed as an attempt to… More ▸

  • Berlin Rabbi Who Defied Nazis Arrives Here

    Dr. Manfred Swarsenski, one of Berlin’s most influential rabbis whose courageous sermons at various synagogues attracted large crowds, arrived here today from London on the United States liner Washington. Dr. Swarsenski spent four weeks in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp following the November excesses in Germany. More ▸

  • Rabbi Dienemann Dies in Palestine; Had Been Beaten in Nazi Camps

    Max Dienemann, prominent German Jewish rabbi who came here three weeks ago, died today from the after effects of maltreatment in Nazi concentration camps. He was 64 years old. Rabbi Dienemann, who was a leader of the Union of Jewish War Veterans in Germany and a well-known author, was an early victim of the Nazi… More ▸

  • 40,000 Jews Released from Reich Prisons, Camps; Many Seriously Ill

    It was estimated today that 70 per cent of the nearly 60,000 Jews arrested during the November anti-Semitic excesses have now been released from concentration camps and prisons. Hundreds were sent back to their homes in recent weeks with serious lung disorders, fractured limbs and shattered nerves. Dr. Hans Reichman, erroneously reported released a fortnight… More ▸

  • Death Rate Rises in Nazi Camps As Cold Wave Fells Poorly Clad Jews

    The death rate in concentration camps is climbing steadily because of the prolonged cold wave, which is inflicting extraordinary suffering on the inadequately clothed prisoners. Hundreds of Jews released in the past few days are returning to their homes with fingers and toes frozen, in some cases necessitating amputation. Conditions are reported particularly bad in… More ▸

  • Foreign Jews’ Residence Status Menaced by Reich Decree

    The status of American and other foreign Jews in the Reich was held today to be in grave danger under the two-month-old decree, effective dec. 31, requiring foreigners to renew residential permits every three months. Informed quarters state that police intended to refuse renewal of Jews’ permits under that principle. Where exceptions are made, Jewish-held… More ▸