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  • Reich Bars Jewish Retailers from Selling, Curbs Doles for Jews

    Two new burdens have been added to the already staggering load forced upon Jewish economy by recent decrees. The Interior Ministry has officially forbidden Jewish retailers to sell wares to the public pending “Aryanization” or liquidation. The Finance and Labor ministries jointly decreed a ban on Jews benefiting from public welfare funds. There is no… More ▸

  • Nazi Police Close Jewish Shops; Goering Ban Put into Effect Ahead of Schedule

    The Goering decree banning Jews from trade was virtually in force today, although not scheduled to take effect until Jan. 1, as police continued to close down Jewish shops all over Berlin. All Jewish shops, except for a few that are foreign-owned, were closed today. Comparatively wealthy Jews whose income has been cut off and… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The News-Chronicle said it had learned “from sources the Veracity of which it is impossible to doubt” that 12 Jews had been killed while “running the Gauntlet” in a Nazi concentration camp. A total of 62 Jews including two rabbis, well-to-do landlords, engineers and businessmen were forced through two long lines of Hitler elite guards,… More ▸

  • News Brief

    An American Jew named Greentree was reported today held in the Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Greentree, who is 49 years old and a native of San Luis Obispo, California, was arrested Nov. 10 at his place of business and removed to the Alexanderplatz police headquarters. United States Consul Raymond A. Geist, who has been trying to… More ▸

  • German Confessional Church Statement Protested Anti-semitism

    A protest against imposition of anti-Semitism as a cardinal doctrine of the church was contained in a statement by the Brotherhood Council of the Confessional Church of Germany, for whose transmission to the foreign press Pastor Weisler, head of the council, was placed in a concentration camp, it was stated here today. The report was… More ▸