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Saudi Arabia

  • U.S. Notifies Congress of Plans for Scaled-down Saudi Arms Sale

    The Reagan administration formally notified Congress Wednesday of plans to sell $825 million in arms to Saudi Arabia. The announcement came after the administration earlier said it had indefinitely postponed formal notification so that it could confer with members of Congress who oppose the sale. Under the original timetable, such notification was to be given… More ▸

  • U.S. Defers Formal Notification of Saudi Arms Sale to Congress

    Bowing to congressional pressure, the Reagan administration has indefinitely postponed formal notification to Congress of its proposed $950 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia. The package includes $450 million in support equipment for AWACS reconnaissance planes previously sold to the Saudis. and $500 million in Bradley Fighting Vehicles and TOW missiles. Under arms sale procedures…. More ▸

  • Saudi Army on Alert for Israeli Strike

    The Saudi army has been put on a high state of alert to fend off any possible Israeli attack on the sites for intermediate-range missiles it recently acquied from China, according to American sources quoted this week by the Israeli newspaper Davar. The sources said the CSS-2 missiles, which have a 2,000-mile range, will be… More ▸

  • Reprimand Urged for Shamir Aide Who Leaked News About Saudi Missiles

    The weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday was thrown into an uproar over a broadcast threat by one of Premier Yitzhak Shamir’s top aides that Israel might act to destroy Chinese missiles reportedly sold to Saudi Arabia. Energy Minister Moshe Shahal, a Laborite, urged Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to reprimand Yosef Ben-Aharon, director general of the Prime… More ▸

  • Congress Expected to Allow Revised Saudi Arms Sale

    The Reagan administration’s proposed sale of $1 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia, which was submitted to Congress last week, is expected to go through with little or no opposition. This was assured when the White House agreed on Oct. 5 to eliminate Maverick anti-tank missiles from the arms package during discussions with leading Senate… More ▸

  • Saudi Prince Leaves Washington with No Promises to Spur Peace

    Crown Prince Abdallah of Saudi Arabia is ending a four-day visit to Washington Wednesday without giving any public indication that the Saudis are now willing to be helpful in the Middle East peace process. A State Department official, who was briefing reporters on the visit Tuesday, said the Reagan administration stressed its commitment to the… More ▸

  • Revised Saudi Arms Sale Expected to Pass Congress

    The Reagan Administration’s proposed $1 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, which only a few days ago seemed almost certain to be rejected by Congress, now is expected to go through without much difficulty. The turnaround came Thursday when the White House reached an agreement with several key Senators which eliminated Maverick anti-tank missiles from… More ▸

  • 62 Senators Sign Letter Opposing Any Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

    Congressional opposition to any sale of arms to Saudi Arabia has been stressed again in a letter to President Reagan signed by 62 Senators. “A new, and we believe, unwarranted Saudi arms request would force an unnecessary and unproductive confrontation between the Congress and the White House,” the Senators warned in the letter which was… More ▸

  • Administration Withdraws Proposal to Sell Missiles to Saudi Arabia

    The Reagan Administration scrapped its proposed sale of 1,600 Maverick air-to-ground missiles to Saudi Arabia Thursday in the face of almost certain defeat in the Senate. “I think the Administration realized wisely that the arithmetic was staring them in the face on this issue,” said Sen. Jesse Helms (R. N.C.). He explained that Senate opposition… More ▸