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  • Commission to Investigate Anti-semitism in Polish Army Leaves for Scotland

    The commission appointed by the Polish National Council to investigate the causes of anti-Semitism in the Polish Army left today for Scotland where the Polish armed forces are stationed, it was announced here. It was explained that the commission could not leave any earlier because the British observer who was to accompany the commission was… More ▸

  • Conference in Scotland Appears for Immediate Restoration of Jewish Rights in Europe

    Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Foreign Minister Anthony Eden were in receipt today of a resolution adopted during the weekend at a Jewish-Christian conference in Scotland asking for the immediate abrogation of anti-Jewish laws and practices in countries liberated from the German armies. The conference, which was held at Edinburgh, was attended by representatives of… More ▸

  • Non-jewish Group to Fight for Justice for Jews Formed in Scotland

    A “Scottish Union for Justice for the Jews” has been formed in Glasgow by prominent non-Jews who are interested in placing the case for the Jews before non-Jewish groups, it was announced here today. Sir John Boyd-Orr, prominent nutrition and food expert, is president of the organization. The New Statesman and Nation today, commenting further… More ▸

  • Jewsh Soldiers in Polish Army Mark Passover at Services in Scotland

    Jewish soldiers attached to the Polish Army units stationed in Scotland were excused from their duties to enable them to attend Passover services and sedorim, it is reported here today. The largest service was held in Glasgow with representatives of the Polish high command and Jewish leaders present. Dr. Ignacy Schwarzbart, Jewish deputy in the… More ▸

  • Illegal Distribution of Anti-jewish Leaflets Among Polish Soldiers in Scotland

    The Polish Ministry of Information today reported that anti-Semitic leaflets are being secretly distributed among Polish officers and soldiers stationed in Scotland, but their source has not yet been discovered. “An investigation into the dissemination of the anti-Jewish literature has been started, since the views expressed in the leaflets do not represent the views of… More ▸

  • Jews Aid Polish Refugees in Scotland

    Lady Moncrieuf, president of the Polish Relief Committee of the Scottish National Council, has acknowledged with gratitude a gift of two tons of cast off clothing presented by the Polish Jewish Refugee Fund for distribution among Polish refugee irrespective of religion. The Jewish fund has established a branch in Glasgow for care of Polish and… More ▸

  • Baron Maurice De Rothschild Arrives in Scotland

    Baron Maurice de Rothschild, former French Senator, and General Josef Haller, member of the Polish Government-in-exile who recently visited the United States on a goodwill tour, were among a party of 300 refugees who arrived at a Scottish port today from Lisbon. More ▸

  • Medical Students Warned to Return from Scotland, Switzerland

    American medical students in Scotland and Switzerland, many of whom are Jewish, have been warned to leave Europe as swiftly as possible, it was learned today. Arrangements have been made to evacuate the students in Scotch Schools through Ireland, while those in Switzerland will leave through France or Italy, which even acute is feasible. More ▸

  • Glasgow Jews to Set Up Hostel for Evacuated Children

    The local Jewish community has decided to settle the problem of educating and feeding evacuated Jewish children by establishing a hostel at Skelmorie in the evacuation area, it was announced here today. The hostel, which will be opened in a fortnight, will have its own staff of teachers. Its first guests will be evacuated refugee… More ▸