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  • Left Wing Groups Using Anti-semitism As Political Weapon, Glasgow Paper Charges

    The Glasgow Jewish Echo charged today that radical left wing circles in Scotland were trying to use anti-Semitism as a weapon for political propaganda. The newspaper revealed that these circles were distributing a leaflet which contends that the Allise entered the war not because of Nazi aggressiveness but because of a change in the German… More ▸

  • Police Probe Anti-jewish Attacks in Glasgow

    The police are investigating the anti-Jewish window breakings in Glasgow last week and have already questioned a number of persons, the House of Commons was told today by John Colville, Secretary for Scotland. More ▸

  • Swastikas Scrawled on Shop Windows in Glasgow

    Immense swastikas were scrawled on Glasgow show-windows last night in what was taken to be an attempt at anti-Semitic incitement here. In one street alone 41 windows were daubed. John McGovern, Independent Laborite M.P. for Shettleston, who saw some of the swastikas, described the action as “deplorable” and said he planned to mention it in… More ▸

  • Church of Scotland Condemns Policy

    The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, after hearing a bitter attack on Britain’s plan to establish an independent Palestine state, on Friday adopted a resolution praying that a satisfactory solution would be found to terminate the strife in the Holy Land. More ▸

  • Church of Scotland Condemns Persecution of Jews in European Lands

    Persecution of Jews in Central and eastern Europe was condemned today by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. A resolution declared: “We renew protests against the virulence and cruelty of attacks against the helpless Jewish minorities in central and eastern Europe and affirm the conviction that no church can be at the same… More ▸

  • Parliament May Air Boycott of Jews by Glasgow Realty Owners

    The Daily Herald reported today that an anti-Jewish boycott said to be carried on by several property owners in Glasgow, Scotland, would be raised in Parliament. The managing director of a Jewish firm in Glasgow, who is trying to obtain a house for his aged parents, has been refused tenancy for racial reasons although he… More ▸

  • Earl Lauds Record of Scotland’s Jews

    Tribute to Scotland’s Jewish citizens was paid today by the Earl of Airlie at a function at which Glasgow Jewish ex-service men entertained 1,000 members of the British Legion after their parade. “I have the greatest admiration,” he said, “for the great Jewish people. “In the war their record was magnificent, and in peace they… More ▸

  • Jewish Students Give Glasgow Its First Glimpse of Baseball

    The first game of baseball ever seen here was staged today by American Jewish students from Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities at the Shawfield Football Park. Mr. Hawley, the American Consul, pitched the first ball, and the students got down to their intercity game in earnest. The game went to eleven in######gow won by six runs… More ▸

  • Reveal Glasgow Realtors Bar Jews in Government Houses

    Revelations that anti-Jewish discriminations are practiced in Glasgow against tenants residing in buildings established with government funds were made in the House of Commons today by Col. John Buchan, M.P. The British Parliamentarian wanted to know what steps had been taken by the government to prevent the repetition of such discriminations and whether it were… More ▸