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Seann William Scott

  • The full-length American Pie: Reunion trailer

    So it’s been more than one quadrennium since an American Pie movie graced the big screen, which means it’s time for the gang, now adults with families and responsibilities, to get back together for one last hurrah. For the purposes of American Pie: Reunion, these class of 99ers are gathering for their high school reunion…. More ▸

  • Jews on ice: Liev Schrieber and Eugene Levy in new hockey flick

    In Goon, a new sports movie that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, Liev Schrieber plays an older goon, which is a hockey term for an “enforcer” or a player whose unofficial task is responding to dirty play from opponents by “checking” them. The film revolves around Seann William Scott’s character, Doug, who becomes a… More ▸