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selma blair

  • Charlie Sheen releases new trailer for ‘Anger Management’

    And this time, as if he didn’t get himself in enough trouble, Sheen causes a pretty catastrophic train crash in his newest promo for his upcoming FX show “Anger Management.” Sheen will portray a therapist who specializes in anger management, and it will co-star Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith and others. It premiers on Thursday, June… More ▸

  • Selma Blair talks about Israel, calls herself Bat Sheva

    The new Versace H&M collection was revealed at a glamorous event in New York City last week and attracted media from all over the world. The Israeli show “Entertainment News” of the channel HOT Israeli network was also present, and the reporter did what every self-respecting Israeli reporter does: Ask the celebrities questions about Israel…. More ▸

  • Selma Blair: my son looks like a turtle

    Selma Blair talked to Us Weekly over the weekend and admitted that her 3-month old son Arthur “looks like a turtle.” Still, Blair quickly added that “he’s an amazing baby.” For the record, we believe there is nothing wrong with having your kid looking like a turtle, it’s better than having your kid liking turtles…. More ▸