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  • German Court Drops Proceedings Against Slayer of Serbian Jews

    Legal proceedings against a Nazi diplomat convicted of responsibility for the killing of thousands of Serbian Jews have been suspended by the Bamberg Court of Assizes because “the defendant cannot be found.” The fugitive from justice is Counsellor of Legation Franz Rademacher, who headed the Jewish section of the German Foreign Office and was instrumental… More ▸

  • Ex-gestapo Chief for Serbia on Trial for Mass Murders

    The trial of Emanuel Schaefer, former Gestapo chief in Serbia, on charges of complicity in the murder of 6,000 Serbian Jews, opened in Cologne yesterday. Schaefer, who is currently serving a sentence based on membership in the Gestapo, is accused of having ordered Jewish women and children loaded into specially constructed vehicles in which they… More ▸

  • Former Nazi Official Charged with Murder of 1,500 Serbian Jews

    The trial of Dr. Franz Rademacher, former legation counsel to the Nazi Government, will open here February ###. He is charged with the murder of 1,500 Jews in Serbia in 1941. The Jewish cemetery in Wanne-Eickel, located in the Ruhr, has been transferred to the care of the Jewish Trust Corporation for Germany, with headquarters… More ▸

  • 30,000 Jews Executed in Serbia; Nazis Order Jews from Salonica into Mountains

    More than 30,000 Yugoslavian Jews have been massacred in Axis-occupied Serbia by the occupational authorities, according to information reaching official Yugoslavian circles here today. Several thousand Jews who escaped execution have either joined the ranks of the Yugoslav partisans or are living in the mountains as nomads, the report said. Nazi occupational authorities in Salonica,… More ▸

  • Jewish Women Fighting with Serbian Guerrillas, Nazi Radio Asserts

    Jewish women are fighting in the ranks of the Yugoslav guerrillas who continue to harass the Axis occupation forces in Serbia, it was alleged today in a Nazi broadcast from Belgrade. A number of Jewish women wearing soldiers’ uniforms are among prisoners captured by the German occupation forces, the Belgrade broadcaster stated. He also claimed… More ▸

  • Two Thousand Bulgarian Jews Reported Fighting with Chetniks in Serbia

    Increased anti-Semitic restrictions in Bulgaria and the recent warning by the government that all the Jews in the country would be concentrated in two ghettos have resulted in 2,000 Bulgarian Jews fleeing the country to Serbia, where they have joined the Chetnik guerrillas of Gen. Draja Mihailovitch, it was reliably reported here today. At present,… More ▸

  • Serbian Guerillas Attack Nazi Concentration Camp and Liberate 400 Jews

    More than 400 Jewish internees confined by the Nazi authorities in a concentration camp in Yugoslavia were released in a lightning raid by a group of guerilla fighters who attacked the camp under the leadership of a Jewish commander, a report reaching Yugoslav circles here today stated. The liberated Jewish prisoners immediately joined the guerilla… More ▸

  • Nazi Commissars in Serbia Will Administer Property of Jews

    Nazi Commissars will be appointed in Serbia to administer both commercial and private property of Jews, it is announced in the Voelkischer Beobachter, reaching here today from Berlin. Sale or other disposition of Jewish property will not be permitted without the approval of the Commissar General for Economic Affairs in Serbia, the report states. Any… More ▸

  • Nazis Held Preparing Pogroms in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia

    The New York Times reported in a Budapest dispatch today that the Nazi authorities were preparing to unleash anti-Jewish programs throughout Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia, as part of a sweeping movement to crush anti-German resistance. Times correspondent Ray Brock, who remained in Yugoslavia throughout the brief campaign, said the ruthless drive on Serbians would be… More ▸