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  • Nazi Commissars in Serbia Will Administer Property of Jews

    Nazi Commissars will be appointed in Serbia to administer both commercial and private property of Jews, it is announced in the Voelkischer Beobachter, reaching here today from Berlin. Sale or other disposition of Jewish property will not be permitted without the approval of the Commissar General for Economic Affairs in Serbia, the report states. Any… More ▸

  • Nazis Held Preparing Pogroms in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia

    The New York Times reported in a Budapest dispatch today that the Nazi authorities were preparing to unleash anti-Jewish programs throughout Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia, as part of a sweeping movement to crush anti-German resistance. Times correspondent Ray Brock, who remained in Yugoslavia throughout the brief campaign, said the ruthless drive on Serbians would be… More ▸

  • Serbian Patriarch Voices Sympathy for Jews in Visit to Synagogue

    The Serbian Patriarch, visiting a synagogue in a nearby town, where he was received by the local rabbi and leaders of the Jewish community, declared that “I feel greatly depressed over the fact that there are countries where you are persecuted because of your religion.” “Our church has always condemned brutalities and has never persecuted… More ▸

  • Monument to Jewish War Heroes in Serbia Erected

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The memory of the Jewish soldiers in the Serbian army who fell during the various Balkan wars and the World war was honored by the erection of a monument in the Jewish cemetery here. The monument was unveiled yesterday with impressive ceremonies. A personal representative of King Alexander was present. More ▸

  • Serbian Jews Enjoy Equal Rights, Minister Declares

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The Serbian Jews enjoy full rights and unrestricted equality of rights, not only on the basis of liberalism, but also because if their loyaly to the country, declared M. Subotic. Jugo-Slavian Minister of Justice, in an interview with the editor of “Israel,” Jewish weekly published in Topola. Zionism, which the Jugo-Slavian Government… More ▸

  • Patriotism of Serbian Jews Praised by War Minister

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The participation of the Jewish population in Serbia in the struggile for Serbia’s independence and their patriotism was highly praised by Mr. Trifunovic, Jugoslavian minister of war, who paid a special visit to the Jewish soldiers’ cemetery here. Expressing his gratification at the manner in which the Jewish soldiers’ cemetery is being… More ▸

  • Jewish War Memorial to Be Unveiled in Serbia

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Preparations are now under way for the unveiling in the fall of a monument to the memory of the Jewish soldiers who fell in the Serbian army in the two Serbian wars, 1912 and 1914-18. The memorial is being erected in the Sephardic Jewish cemetery in Belgrade. The King and members of… More ▸

  • Russian Refugees Praise Generosity of Serbian Jews; Aided Even Enemies

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The generosity of Serbian Jews, extending even to enemies of the Jewish race and pogrom leaders, was praised by the Russian Refugees Committee here, in a letter to Chief Rabbi Alkalay. In its communication, the Russian Refugees Committee thanks the Serbian Jews for assisting the Russian emigrants in Jugoslavia. “Although the Jewish… More ▸