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  • Women in uniform

    The Israel Policy Forum has published an article heralding the recent arrival in Washington of a delegation of security experts consisting of three Palestinian women (Amal Jadou, Enas Nazzal, and Haitham Arar) and three Israeli women (Israela Oron, Eynat Gepner-Goldstein, and Etty Yevnin). An all-female joint delegation consisting of an Israeli general and two colonels… More ▸

  • In Seattle, the V-word is cool for shul, but not the local paper

    The image on the left is plastered all over Seattle-area synagogues, plus the local Jewish newspaper. But it’s too hot for the Seattle Times. On the right is the image on the Web site of the Seattle chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women. And, to think, it was only a few years ago… More ▸

  • Heeb’s obsession

    Back in August I moderated a panel discussion at the 92nd St Y titled “The Evolving Landscape in ‘New’ Jewish Media.” My favorite moment came when I asked Rebecca Wiener of Heeb if it was fair to say that her magazine had made its mark by pushing the envelope on sex. She blushed, and seemed… More ▸