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  • International Council of Lawyers to Work for the Release of All the Imprisoned Shcharanskys and Mand

    Irwin Cotler, the attorney who represents Anatoly Shcharansky, South African prisoner Nelson Mandela, and various Soviet refuseniks, announced here Monday the establishment of an international council of lawyers who will “work relentlessly for the release of all the Shcharanskys and Mandelas now rotting in various prisons in the USSR and South Africa.” Speaking at a… More ▸

  • State Department’s Annual Human Rights Report Cites Complex Human Rights Situation in the West Bank

    Israel’s human rights problems are largely due to the “tensions” between Israeli authorities and the Arab residents of the areas taken in the 1967 Six-Day War, according to the State Department’s annual reports on human rights throughout the world. This assessment in the Department’s 10th annual “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices” released last Thursday… More ▸

  • Shcharansky Says He Would Be Glad if Mandela Could Be Released from Jail

    Anatoly Shcharansky said today he would be glad if Black South African leader Nelson Mandela could be released from prison as part of the East-West package deal responsible for his own release by the Soviet Union. But the dissident and aliya activist carefully distinguished his own movement from that of Mandela who he noted has… More ▸

  • A Victory for Freedom

    Political leaders and Soviet Jewry activists here have jubilantly chalked up a victory with the release of Soviet Jewish dissident Anatoly Shcharansky after a relentless nine-year struggle that had seemed often to be heading nowhere. From every part of Washington — the White House, Capitol Hill and the offices of major Jewish and Soviet Jewry… More ▸

  • The Ordeal of Shcharansky

    Anatoly Shcharansky, who changed his given name to Nathan when he arrived in Israel Tuesday night, told of the brutal punishments he endured during his nine years in the Soviet Gulag and spoke of his plans for the future, in his first television interview here Wednesday. He said he expected his mother, Ida Milgrom, and… More ▸

  • Dulzin Calls for Intensifying Struggle on Behalf of Soviet Jewry

    Leon Dulzin, chairman of the Jewish Agency Executive and chairman of the Presidium of the World Council on Soviet Jewry, called yesterday for “intensifying” the struggle and campaign on behalf of Soviet Jewry. Addressing a special meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in celebration of the release of Anatoly Shcharansky,… More ▸

  • A New Life for Anatoly and Avital

    Anatoly Shcharansky stood on Mt. Scopus last night for a few moments and contemplated the twinkling lights of Jerusalem, rising and falling among the hills and valleys that are the geography of this city he had never seen before but knew intimately from descriptions in the letters his wife, Avital, sent him during his nine… More ▸

  • Special Interview from Mozambique to Moscow

    Anatoly Shcharansky’s walk across the Glienicke Bridge dividing East Germany and West Berlin, marked the final steps in a long path to freedom whose first stretch was paved in Mozambique some eight years ago. It was then, in 1978, that Ronald Greenwald, a New York rabbi who had been active in the Rockefeller and Nixon… More ▸

  • The Fight for Freedom Continues

    American Jewish leaders hailed the release of Soviet Jewish aliya activist Anatoly Shcharansky, but they also stressed that the fight on behalf of Soviet Jewry is not over yet and that thousands of Jews are still waiting in the USSR to receive permission to emigrate. Kenneth Bialkin, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major… More ▸