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simchat torah

  • Is Simchat Torah in the Wrong Season?

    Question: Is the holiday of Simchat Torah (Rejoicing with the Torah) observed in the wrong season? The holy day, which came into being as a holiday in the 11th-12th century C.E., celebrates the Torah (Five Books of Moses) and, by implication, the broader Torah (the total body of instruction which makes up the Jewish tradition)…. More ▸

  • Simchat Torah on Arkhipova Street: Jewish Pride and Dreams of America

    On Simchat Torah, Jews owned Arkhipova Street outside Moscow’s Choral Synagogue, but many in the closely pressed throng of more than 10,000 were ready to sell it for an exit visa to the United States. They came to the synagogue last Saturday night to affirm their identity as Jews, although few inside held siddurim and… More ▸

  • Report Thousands of Soviet Jews Celebrate Succoth and Simhat Torah

    Thousands of Soviet Jews celebrated the Succoth and Simhat Torah holidays last week in full view of agents of the KGB. The Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry has learned that 20,000 Jews sang and danced in joyous celebration of Simhat Torah in front of the Moscow Synagogue. Meanwhile, 2000 others celebrated the holiday… More ▸

  • Simhat Torah Festivals in Solidarity with Soviet Jews Due in 50 Cities

    Simhat Torah festivals will be held Sunday in nearly 50 cities across the country to focus on Soviet Jewry, specifically, the problems of emigration, harassment and the recent dispersal of Soviet Jews from synagogues on the High Holy Days, it was reported today by Stanley H. Lowell, chairman of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry…. More ▸

  • Simhat Torah ‘festival of Freedom’ to Mark Vigilence for Soviet Jews

    Against the backdrop of continuing negotiations between U.S. and Soviet officials on the issue of Jewish emigration, the Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry today pledged “constant vigilance,” so that Soviet Jews “will not become victims of another Soviet hoax.” The sale of wheat to the Soviets and other “political deals” that benefited the… More ▸

  • Militiamen Prevent Jews from Celebrating Simchat Torah in Moscow

    The “blanket of fear” has settled over Moscow’s Jews in the wake of this year’s refusal of the authorities to allow worshipers to celebrate the High Holy Days in the Choral Synagogue or dance in Arkhipova Street, Jewish sources reported today. As on Rosh Hs-shana and Yom Kippur this year, militiamen scattered would-be Simchat Torah… More ▸

  • Primary Election on Simchat Torah

    The Assistant Corporation Counsel, Richard Cosgrove, has ruled that the primary election scheduled for Oct. 12, Simchat Torah, cannot be changed, despite protests by two candidates. Cosgrove said the law does not allow changes in the dates of non-partisan primaries. Mrs. Sandra Klebanoff and Mrs. Maggie Alston, candidates for the Board of Education, had asked… More ▸