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simchat torah

  • 15,000 Jews Celebrate Simhat Torah in Moscow; Largest Number in Recent Years

    About 15,000 Jews gathered in front of Moscow’s Choral Synagogue Thursday night in celebration of Simhat Torah–the largest number of celebrants to do so in recent years. According to eye-witness reports, Soviet police did not interfere as thousands of young people sang and danced in the streets, watched by thousands more elderly persons. But according… More ▸

  • Day of Prayer for Soviet Jews; Streets Closed for Simhat Torah

    Brooklyn Borough President Sebastian Leone has ordered streets adjoining Orthodox synagogues closed to vehicular traffic tomorrow to accommodate Jews observing Simhat Torah. The celebration traditionally includes singing and dancing in the streets out side of the houses of worship. Mr. Leone has also proclaimed the day a “Day of Prayer and Meditation” by Brooklyn Jews… More ▸

  • Najyc Planning for Mass Simchat Torah Mobilization in Washington on Soviet Jewry

    Representatives from 23 national Jewish youth organizations and 30 local Jewish youth councils throughout the U.S. and Canada began today the annual conference of the North American Jewish Youth Council, it was announced here by Eric Yoffie, the newly appointed chairman of NAJYC, and by Margy-Ruth Greenbaum, co-chairman. The three-day conference at Camp Moshava, Indian… More ▸

  • Albania Blasts Soviets for Allowing Moscow Jews to Mark Simchas Torah

    Albania, the pro-Peking Communist state in the Balkans, has sharply criticized Soviet authorities for permitting Moscow Jews to celebrate Simchat Torah in the street outside of the main synagogue there last October. According to the Albanian news agency “Bashkimi” the celebration was an example of “leniency toward the clergy” by the Soviet “revisionists.” The news… More ▸

  • Leningrad Police Dispersed Youth with Truncheons on Simhat Torah, ‘yediot’ Reports

    An Israeli newspaper claimed today that Leningrad police armed with clubs dispersed 5,000 Jewish youths attempting to participate in Simhat Torah celebrations outside of the Leningrad synagogue last week. The evening daily Yediot Achronot attributed its information to a tourist who arrived here from Russia and said he witnessed the incident. According to the account,… More ▸

  • Round-up of Canadian Simhat Torah Demonstrations Broadcast to Russia

    A round-up of Simhat Torah demonstrations in six major Canadian cities in behalf of Soviet Jews was included in the Russian language program of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. international service, the Canadian Jewish Congress reported. The round-up was included at the C.J. Congress’ initiative. More ▸

  • 12,000 Jews, Mostly Young, Dance and Sing in Moscow to Celebrate Simhat Torah

    About 12,000 Moscow Jews sang and danced on the quarter-mile long Arkhipov St. outside the Choral Synagogue last night in a spontaneous celebration of Simhat Torah. Eyewitnesses said that youngsters outnumbered the middle aged and elderly. They sang traditional Jewish songs, including “Hava Nagila” and some groups chanted. “I am a Jew, we are all… More ▸

  • Rabbi Levin Expresses Joy over Simhat Torah Festivities in Talk with Rabbi Schneier

    Rabbi Yehuda Leib Levin of Moscow’s Grand Choral Synagogue radiated joy over Russian Jews’ Simhat Torah celebration in a telephone conversation today with a New York rabbi who is a close friend. Rabbi Arthur Schneier of New York’s Park East Synagogue, which is near the Soviet Mission to the United Nations, called Rabbi Levin and… More ▸

  • Israelis Prepared to Celebrate Simhat Torah with Street Festivities

    Israelis prepared today to celebrate the Simhat Torah festival with processions through the streets and traditional singing and dancing in the main squares of the city. Simhat Torah marks the reading of the last portion of the Torah and the first portion immediately afterwards to renew the annual cycle. Large crowds are expected and the… More ▸