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  • New Regiment Being Formed in Singapore Will Use Second-hand Israeli Tanks

    Singapore, the Asian island state at the toe of the Malay Peninsula, is forming a tank regiment to be equipped with second-hand Israeli tanks made in France, the Financial Times reported. The newspaper said the choice of the French AMX tanks which Israel used for border patrols was influenced by some 20 Israeli instructors attached… More ▸

  • Israel Establishes Full Relations with Singapore, Which Has Large Moslem Minority

    The Foreign Ministry announced that full diplomatic relations have been established between Israel and Singapore on an ambassadorial level effective at midnight Sunday. The Israeli trade mission in the tiny southeast Asian island state has been elevated to the rank of an embassy, the ministry said. The chief of mission, Hagai Dikan, will be named… More ▸

  • Diplomat Says Singapore is Indebted to Israel for Military, Civilian Assistance

    The Government of Singapore is “indebted” to Israel for the help it gave that southeast Asian island state in building its”Army, Navy, Air Force and its interracial civilian community centers,” a leading Singapore Jew said at a leadership seminar organized by the American Section of the World Jewish Congress here. The Hon. David S. Marshall,… More ▸

  • Canberra Jews Get Torah Scroll As Gift from Singapore Community

    Use of a recently acquired Sephardic Torah Scroll, a gift of the Singapore Jewish community to the Jews of Canberra was one of the highlights of New Year, Yom Kippur and Succot services in the national capital. More than 100 worshipers, including families from distant country areas, attended the services. HaimNagley, the deputy headmaster of… More ▸

  • Singapore Medical School Asks Israel for 80 Lecturers on Medicine

    Professor Moshe Rachmilewitz, dean of the Medical Faculty of the Hebrew University and Professor M. Prives, left today for Singapore in connection with a request by the Singapore Medical School for 80 Israeli lecturers. Before his departure, Prof. Prives said that if conditions were found satisfactory, Israel might be able to send 20 of the… More ▸

  • Jews in Singapore Form Welfare Board; First in Existence of Their Community

    For the first time in the history of the Singapore Jewish community a Jewish Welfare Board has been formed here. The aims of the Board are to promote and encourage communal activity, supervise charity trusts and raise and administer donations for communal activities. The 2,000-member community, which is 90 percent Sephardic, numbers about 400 persons… More ▸

  • Australian Jewish Major Leads Forty British Soldiers to Safety from Singapore

    An amazing story of the escape from Singapore, under the most harrowing conditions of Major Maurice Ashkanasy, a Jew; who was deputy assistant adjutant general of the Australian Imperial forces in Malaya, was reported today by the correspondent of the Evening Standard. Ashkanasy, leading a party of forty soldiers from the British Brigade, left Singapore… More ▸

  • Jewish Residents of Penang Who Fled Japanese Occupation Safe in Singapore

    Jewish residents on the island of Penang, which is off the coast of the Malay peninsula, north of Singapore, were removed from there before the Japanese occupation of the island, it was learned here today by relatives of the Penang Jews. They are now safe in Singapore, the reports state. Panang was seized by Japanese… More ▸