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six day war

  • 50 Years On, Lavon Affair Still Sparks Public Debate in Israel

    Israeli military historians call it Operation Shoshana. Scholars of political intrigue know it as the Lavon Affair. But to veterans of Israel’s first — and perhaps worst — intelligence bungle, the 50-year-old episode whose unseemly details are only now being discussed openly has another name: the Raw Deal. It was 1954, and the fledgling Jewish… More ▸

  • World Court Says Security Fence is Illegal, but Israel Rejects Opinion

    The Jews were outraged, perhaps, but not surprised. For months, Israel had been bracing for a negative ruling on its West Bank security barrier from the International Court of Justice at The Hague, and last Friday it came — with no criticism of the Palestinian terrorist onslaught that prompted Israel to build the fence. Israeli… More ▸

  • Route of Israel’s Security Barrier Raises Concerns Among Ecologists

    For months, Palestinians have blasted Israel’s West Bank security barrier as an “apartheid wall” that will extinguish Palestinian national goals. But an Israeli ecologist says the fence’s potential impact on plant and animal life has been completely overlooked. Noa Olchovsky, campaign coordinator on the fence for Green Action, an Israeli environmental group that advocates “socio-ecological… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Israeli folk musician Naomi Shemer died. Shemer, the singer/songwriter of dozens of Zionist favorites like “Jerusalem of Gold” and “Lu Yehi,” died Saturday of cancer. She was 74. Shemer was asked to write a song about Jerusalem shortly before the 1967 Six-Day War, and “Jerusalem of Gold” became the anthem of the war in which… More ▸

  • Obituary Israel’s National Folk Musician, Naomi Shemer, Dies at Age 74

    It was a sign of the importance of Naomi Shemer to Israel’s national psyche that the singer’s death relegated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the inside pages of the nation’s newspapers. Saturday’s death of Israel’s national folk musician, at the age of 74 from cancer, spurred Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to open his weekly Cabinet… More ▸

  • Moat May Be Israel’s Defense Along the Gaza-egypt Border

    With its latest proposal for the Gaza Strip, Israel is assuming that the principle that good fences make good neighbors also applies to moats. Last week, Israel’s Defense Ministry ran newspaper ads calling for contractor bids to build a 2.5-mile long moat along the Gaza-Egypt boundary in an attempt to halt arms smuggling through tunnels… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Syria reportedly plans to abandon the anti-Israel policy known as the “three no’s.” The Persian Gulf newspaper Al-Watan on Tuesday cited sources in Syria’s ruling Ba’ath Party saying that Damascus was drawing up a new policy whereby it would be willing to recognize the Jewish state if it relinquishes lands conquered in the 1967 Six-Day… More ▸

  • Is Syria’s Gregarious New Ambassador the Face of a Kinder, Gentler Damascus?

    Syria’s ambassador to Washington says he wants peace with Israel because it’s in Syria’s interest, the region’s interest and — “this might be bizarre for me to say,” he admits — Israel’s interest. Gregarious, grinning and looking younger than his 44 years, Imad Moustapha is the face of a new Syrian charm offensive launched during… More ▸

  • Ronald Reagan Remembered As President Who ‘got’ Jewish Issues

    Some Jewish officials said they had a certain perception of Ronald Reagan when they walked into the White House during the 1980s: that the 40th president of the United States was aloof and unfamiliar with the complexities of the issues of the day. But when they walked out of meetings with Reagan, those perceptions often… More ▸

  • Cabinet Approves Sharon Plan, but Hurdles Remain for Gaza Pullout

    Ariel Sharon’s Gaza withdrawal plan overcame a key hurdle with its passage in the Israeli Cabinet this week, but there are more obstacles ahead. The version of the plan the Cabinet approved by a vote of 14-7 Sunday was a withdrawal in principle, but the Cabinet did not vote on actually dismantling any Jewish settlements… More ▸