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six day war

  • Bush Backing for Sharon Initiative Worries European ‘quartet’ Partners

    President Bush’s ringing endorsement of Ariel Sharon’s Gaza withdrawal plan has exposed differences at the heart of the diplomatic “Quartet” charged with shepherding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. While the European Union’s Irish presidency said the union was broadly in favor of Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, such a move would have to be carried… More ▸

  • Iraq Unrest May Boost Sharon Visit, but in Long Run It Bodes Ill for Israel

    The conflagration in Iraq is likely to draw Israel and the United States closer for now, but a long-term war could riddle the alliance with political land mines. The uncertainty flourishing in Iraq is reinforcing American reliance on its closest regional ally, but a failure in Iraq could lead to a range of dire outcomes… More ▸

  • Despite New Leads, Czech Officials to Shelve Inquiry into 1967 Death

    Czech officials plan to shelve an investigation into the mysterious death of a top American Jewish official nearly 40 years ago, despite suspicions that he may have been murdered. The Office for the Documentation and Investigation of Communist Crimes is considering dropping the case of Charles Jordan for lack of evidence — even though officials… More ▸

  • U.s., Israel Find That Details of Gaza Withdrawal Take Time

    It’s become “my-place-or-yours” diplomacy. A group of three top U.S. Middle East advisers was to return to Israel this week to discuss Israel’s plans for withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and possibly parts of the West Bank. A week ago, Israeli advisers were in Washington. Two weeks before that, the Americans were in Jerusalem. On… More ▸

  • Suburban Petition Against Fence Raises Hackles of Israeli Government

    This quiet corner of Israeli suburbia never needed to mend fences with its Arab neighbors — until the West Bank security barrier came along. Now 200 residents of the affluent Jerusalem suburb Mevasseret Zion are lobbying alongside scores of Palestinian farmers for the controversial project to be rerouted, in a campaign that has vexed an… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Meeting with Israeli Labor Party leader Shimon Peres on Thursday, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Egypt would help with a withdrawal if Israel coordinated it with the Palestinian Authority, Ha’aretz reported. Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip before Israel captured it in the 1967 Six-Day War. Mubarak had invited Peres to Egypt. More ▸

  • With U.S. Deadlines Coming Up, Israel is Short on Detailed Plans

    It’s conventional wisdom: In an election year, keep away from the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Middle East helped drive incumbent Presidents Carter and Bush out of office, and President Clinton’s intense last-ditch efforts at the end of his term didn’t help candidate Al Gore. Like much conventional wisdom, there’s a grain of truth to the maxim…. More ▸

  • On the Fence Jerusalem Fence Poses Problems of Logistics — and Humanitarianism

    Palestinian schoolboys scramble onto cement blocks and climb on the 26-foot-high slabs of concrete forming the towering wall that is blocking off Jerusalem from the West Bank. From their perch, the boys can see both sides of the wall that runs along Shaya Street, the previously invisible municipal boundary between Jerusalem and the West Bank… More ▸