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six day war

  • Backgrounder Back to the Future: a Look Inside Israeli Unity Governments

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s attempt to bring the Labor Party into a national unity coalition to help him carry out his withdrawal plan offers the alluring promise of problem-solving for many Israelis. The track records of unity coalitions, which bring together the two largest political parties from Israel’s different ideological camps, are mixed. The first… More ▸

  • Once, Twice, Three Times Burned, Golan Israelis Doubt Peace with Syria

    The latest hit in movie theaters across Israel is called “The Syrian Bride.” The award-winning Israeli feature tells the story of a young Druse woman in the Golan Heights who is engaged to marry a Druse man on the Syrian side of the border. Once she crosses the border, she knows, she will no longer… More ▸

  • Syria Continues to Call for Talks, but Sharon Camp Isn’t Buying It

    Syria’s President Bashar Assad is proving to be as stubborn a character as his father. But where Assad senior showed his obduracy by refusing to make concessions for peace, the younger Assad shows his by continually pushing for peace talks — or at least saying he wants them. Indeed, despite repeated failures to elicit a… More ▸

  • Book: Sharon and Generals Talked of Seizing Power Before 1967 War

    As an Israeli army general in the tense days before the 1967 Six-Day War, Ariel Sharon proposed that the military seize the initiative from indecisive Cabinet ministers and launch a pre-emptive strike on the Arabs without government approval, according to a new official history of the period. The prime minister’s comments, in a book commissioned… More ▸

  • Former Israeli Prime Minister Says Arafat Always Remained a Terrorist

    As Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat lay dying in a Paris hospital, the Israeli leader who last engaged him in negotiations insisted Arafat “was and remained a terrorist.” Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, addressing about 700 people at a Birmingham Jewish Federation event on Sunday, said Arafat was “a tragic character that brought tragedy to… More ▸

  • With Concessions and Caution, Israel Prepares for Dawn of Post-arafat Era

    As Israel looks ahead to the post-Arafat era, the government is considering a series of policy options: In the short term, easing conditions in the Palestinian territories to help a new leadership consolidate power and, in the longer term, restarting peace talks based on the “road map” plan. But there also are contingency plans for… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The City Council of Somerville, Mass. will consider a resolution asking investors to drop their holdings in Israel. According to the resolution, Israel has violated human rights in its occupation of land seized in the 1967 Six-Day War, including detaining individuals without charge and blocking ambulances. More ▸

  • Backgrounder is Gaza Part of Land of Israel? It All Depends on Whom You Ask

    The sandy strip of land known as the Gaza Strip — wedged between the flat, arid landscape where Egypt, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea meet — is something of a conundrum in Jewish history. Depending on how one interprets the Bible, Gaza either was or was not included in the Land of Israel conquered by… More ▸

  • Libyan Jews Plan Return to Tripoli Hoping They’ll Meet Gadhafi This Time

    A group of exiled Libyan Jews living in Italy did not meet as expected with Col. Muammar Gadhafi during a four-day visit to Tripoli last week. But they look forward to doing so in a follow-up visit planned for next month. Delegation member Angelo Mantin said the six-member delegation, and probably several additional people, were… More ▸