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  • Slovak Newspaper Publishes Sharp Attack on Zionism

    A sharp attack against Zionism as a “weapon of American imperialism” appeared in the Bratislava newspaper “Pravda,” a copy of which has just been received here. The article charged that Zionists “in the service of the class enemy have wormed their way into the Communist parties to disrupt and undermine them from within.” More ▸

  • Slovak Who Headed Nazi Organizations Goes to Canada Following Expulsion from U.S.

    Karol Sidor, a Slovak who headed various Nazi organizations during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, has taken up residence in this city. Sidor was forced to leave the United States last week because of the storm of protest by Jewish and Slovak organizations in the U.S. His three-month visitor’s visa was not renewed following protests… More ▸

  • Bratislava Jews Warn Hungarian Jewish Refugees Not to Come to Slovak Capital

    The Jewish community of Bratislava–at the order of the S1ovak police–has posted placards warning Hungarian Jews against coming to Bratislava, it was reported here this week-end. Refugees from Hungary assembled in the Slovak capital last week, after the Austrian border was closed to them. Posters in the Hungarian and Slovak languages warn that henceforth all… More ▸

  • 1,200 Jews Leave Hungary Illegally; Cross into Slovakia and Arrive in Vienna

    The largest single Jewish refugee group since the tar’s end reached here today when 1,200 Hungarians arrived in the Austrian capital. In smaller units, the refugees had illegally crossed the Hungarian-Czechoslovak frontier and then gathered at Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. Thence, in a caravan of a number of busses, the Hungarians drove the 40 miles… More ▸

  • Slovak Jewish Youth Join International Volunteers Working on Railroad in Province

    Slovak Jewish youth have already begun working on a railroad and automobile highway being built in Slovakia by the volunteer labor of youth organizations from many nations in Europe, it was announced here today by representatives of various Jewish youth organizations in the province. The Jewish youths recently erected their tents alongside the site of… More ▸

  • Slovak Courts Condemn, Imprison Two for Crimes Against Jews During Puppet Regime

    Bratislava People’s Court today sentenced in absentia one Slovak to death and another to 30 years imprisonment for crimes against Slovaks and Jews during the Nazi occupation. Vojtech Kosovsky, a former school teacher who served as an officer in the Elinka Guards during the existence of the Slovak puppet state, was convicted of having caused… More ▸