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  • Slovak Court Tries Former Members of Pro-nazi Parliament for Anti-jewish Acts

    The Peoples Court of Bratislava has begun trying eight former members of the wartime Slovak Parliament for collaboration with the Nazis and promoting anti-Jewish legislation. One of the eight, Eugen Gusukiewicz, publicly joined the fascist Hlinka Guard and was responsible for the persecution and arrest of many Jews. The crimes of a second defendant, Pavel… More ▸

  • Slovak Government to Issue 2,000 Passports for Jews Emigrating to Palestine

    Between 1,000 and 2,000 passports will be issued soon by the Slovak Government to Jews desiring to emigrate to Palestine, Daniel Okaly, head of the Slovak Home Department declared here today. He made the statement during an interview with Dr. Vojtech Winteroteen, secretary general of the Association of Racial Persecutees. More ▸

  • Slovak Courts Ordered to Cancel Immediately All Cases of Land Restitution to Jews

    All courts in Slovakia were ordered today to cancel immediately all cases involving the restitution of land holdings to1 Jews, in affordance with an order issued by the chief of the Justice Department in L. Victory. The Communist newspaper Pravda welcomed the order, declaring it will give ##al and material security to Slovak small land-holders… More ▸

  • Slovak Court Dooms Gestapo Leader Responsible for Deportation of Thousands of Jews

    Ditar von Wisliczeny, Gestapo liaison agent with the puppet pro-Nazi Slovak Government, was last night sentence by a Slovak ##ort to be hanged for his responsibility in the deportation of thousands of Jews ## German death camps. Earlier, the court heard testimony to the effect that Wisliczeny had promised any Jews their freedom from deportation… More ▸

  • War Ministry Office in Slovakia Charged with Discriminating Against Jews

    The Association of Racial Persecutees of Bratislava has submitted a complaint to the Czechoslovak war Ministry charging that discrimination on against Jews exists within the machinery set up by the government for granting special certificates to former partisans and ex-concentration camp prisoners. A similar charge has been raised by the Bratislava newspaper Tribuna which asserts… More ▸

  • Slovak Jews Ask Government to Protect Their Right to Ritual Slaughter of Cattle

    The Association of Jewish communities of Slovakia today appealed to the Slovak Government against the decision of the local administration of the town of Lucenec, in the southern part of the province, to for?id Jewish ritual slaughter of cattle. Report of similar bans throughout Slovakia have been received, and the government has just restored to… More ▸

  • Slovak Government Exempts Small Farms from Restitution; 13,000 Jews Lose out

    The Slovak Government Agricultural Committee has accepted an amendment to the local restitution law which will exempt from restitution all farms under 50 acres, it was reported from Pratislava. In effect this amendment will prevent the return of farm land to an estimated 13,000 -20,000 Jewish former land-owners. Simon Tresl, a cattle dealer, has been… More ▸

  • Zechoslovak Court Dooms Nazi Leaders Responsible for Deportation of Slovak Jews

    The Peoples Court here today sentenced to death ##ans Ludin, former German Minister to the puppet Slovak state, and Gestapo General ##ermann Hoffle, ex-commander of Nazi troops in the state, following their conviction in charges of mass murder, mass deportation and committing atrocities.During the trial it was revealed that most of their victims were Slovak… More ▸