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  • Slovak Jews Ask Government to Protect Their Right to Ritual Slaughter of Cattle

    The Association of Jewish communities of Slovakia today appealed to the Slovak Government against the decision of the local administration of the town of Lucenec, in the southern part of the province, to for?id Jewish ritual slaughter of cattle. Report of similar bans throughout Slovakia have been received, and the government has just restored to… More ▸

  • Slovak Government Exempts Small Farms from Restitution; 13,000 Jews Lose out

    The Slovak Government Agricultural Committee has accepted an amendment to the local restitution law which will exempt from restitution all farms under 50 acres, it was reported from Pratislava. In effect this amendment will prevent the return of farm land to an estimated 13,000 -20,000 Jewish former land-owners. Simon Tresl, a cattle dealer, has been… More ▸

  • Zechoslovak Court Dooms Nazi Leaders Responsible for Deportation of Slovak Jews

    The Peoples Court here today sentenced to death ##ans Ludin, former German Minister to the puppet Slovak state, and Gestapo General ##ermann Hoffle, ex-commander of Nazi troops in the state, following their conviction in charges of mass murder, mass deportation and committing atrocities.During the trial it was revealed that most of their victims were Slovak… More ▸

  • German Officials Who Directed Extermination of Slovak Jewry Being Tried

    The Peoples Court here has begun trying Hans ##din, German Minister to the puppet state of Slovakia, and Herman Hoffle, former SS ganeral and commander of German forces in Slovakia, who share responsibility for the ##rder and deportation to death camps of the bulk of Slovak Jewry. Ludin acted as the representative in Slovakia of… More ▸

  • Pro-nazi Minister of Slovakia on Trial for Enacting Anti-jewish Measures

    Sentence of life imprisonment was sought today by the prosecution in the trial of Stefan Tiso, Slovak Prime Minister during the German occupation, before a national tribunal in Bratislava. Tiso is charged with aiding in the enactment of the anti-Jewish measures in Slovakia. The prosecution also asked for a shorter prison term for Minister J…. More ▸

  • in Slovak Town Terrorized by Anti-semitic Band; Public Prosecutor Refuses to Act

    Jews in the town of Bardejov, in Slovakia, near the ##citsh border, are being terrorized by a local anti-Semitic group headed by Josef ###pigna with the tacit approval of the public prosecutor for the district, it is ##rged in the Bratislava newspaper Tribuna.The paper reports that police arrested Cepingna, after they had obtained evi##nce of… More ▸

  • Pro-nazi Slovak Officials Amassed Wealth from Deportation of Jews to German Camps

    High officials of the puppet pro-Nazi Slovak Government, headed by Josef Tiso, actually demanded the deportation to death camps of thousands of Jews at a time when the Tiso’s German advisors only sought to have the Jews imprisoned in labor camps in Slovakia, witnesses at the trial of three former Slovak officials testified here today…. More ▸

  • Anti-semites Involved in Abortive Plot to Overthrow Government of Slovakia

    One of the major features of the recently discovered plot to overthrow the regime in Slovakia was its anti-Semitic character, a Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent has established. Checking the file of documents seized by the government when the plot was suppressed, the correspondent found that they contained a large number of anti-Jewish Articles. Among the… More ▸

  • Jewish Delegation Stoned in Slovakia; Finds Anti-semitism “discernible”

    The Palestine delegation to the Youth Festival in Czechsolovakia today returned to Prague from a tour of Slovakia, reporting that the anti-Semitic atmosphere there is “easily discernible.” The delegation was stoned in one place, one of the members revealed. Leaders of the Jewish Community Council here have received threatening and insulting letters from representatives of… More ▸