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  • Christians and Jews Meet in Slovakia

    Opening a new chapter of coexistence and understanding between Slovakia’s Christians and Jews was the primary goal of an international conference held here in the capital of the 7-week-old Slovak republic. Organized by B’nai B’rith and a Christian group, the Hanna Seidel Foundation of Germany, the conference was attended by high-ranking government representatives, clergy and… More ▸

  • New Rabbi in Slovakia Denies There’s Anti-semitism There

    The only rabbi in newly independent Slovakia says “there is no anti-Semitism” in the country, according to a Slovak daily. Rabbi Lazar Kleinman says anti-Jewish sentiment is a thing of the past in Slovakia, whose separation from the Czech Republic on Jan. 1 has given rise to concern over the future of the 3,000-member Jewish… More ▸

  • Only Rabbi in Slovakia Aims at Revitalizing Community

    Rabbi Lazar Kleinman took up his post in Kosice as the only rabbi in Slovakia just before Rosh Hashanah and, despite what may seem overwhelming odds, he has ambitious plans to rebuild the local Jewish community into a viable and vibrant congregation. Kosice, in the far east of Slovakia, has a Jewish population estimated at… More ▸

  • Slovak Leader Joins Israeli Envoy at Unveiling of Memorial to Jews

    Vladimir Meciar, the prime minister of the soon-to-be-independent republic of Slovakia, joined Israel’s ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Yoel Sher, last week in the unveiling of a memorial to the 6,000 Jews who were deported from the Slovak city of Nitra 50 years ago. The ceremony at the Nitra synagogue was the last in a series of… More ▸

  • Wjc Seeking Formal Inquiry into Slovak Official’s Past

    The World Jewish Congress is calling for an independent investigation into the wartime past of a newly appointed Slovak Cabinet minister. Files in the archives of the previous Czechoslovak government indicate Dusan Slobodnik wore the uniform of the Slovak equivalent of the Hitler Youth and was selected by S.S. specialists for training in terror actions… More ▸

  • Slovak Leader Deplores Anti-semitism in Meeting with Jewish Delegation

    The prime minister of Slovakia, Vladimir Meciar, publicly condemned anti-Semitism in a meeting with World Jewish Congress leaders in Bratislava. He also committed his newly formed government to adopt legislation in Parliament against racism and anti-Semitism and to provide for the protection of all minorities. Following national elections last month in Czechoslovakia, the country appears… More ▸

  • Havel Warns of Anti-semitism in Czech and Slovak Campaigns

    With anti-Semitism running dangerously high in Slovakia and visible even in the more liberal Czech part of the Czechoslovak federation, President Vaclav Havel has issued a timely warning on the eve of the national elections here June 5 and 6. While acknowledging that as chief of state he cannot publicly identify with any political party,… More ▸

  • Slovak Jewry Recalls Shoah 50 Years After Deportations

    The government and news media joined Jews this week in marking the 50th anniversary of the first deportations of Jews from Slovakia. On March 25, 1942, the first transport, made up of young Jewish women, was dispatched to death camps in Poland. Slovakia, nominally independent, was in fact a Nazi puppet state at the time… More ▸

  • Neo-facists Stage Rally in Slovakia on Nazi Puppet State’s Anniversary

    Bratislava was the scene of a neo-fascist rally Saturday marking the 53rd anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s creation of the Nazi puppet state of Slovakia, which deported its Jews to death camps. The meeting in the Slovak capital attracted several thousand devotees of the fascist state, which lasted from March 14, 1939, when Czechoslovakia was occupied… More ▸

  • Slovak to Seek Removal of Tiso Plaque

    A Slovak minister has agreed to seek the removal of a plaque recently dedicated to the memory of Father Josef Tiso, the Roman Catholic priest whom Adolf Hitler installed as leader of the Slovak puppet state created by the Nazis when they occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939. Tiso deported 72,000 Jews from Slovakia between 1942 and… More ▸