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  • Public Pressure Causes Removal of Tablet to Slovak Nazi Tiso

    A memorial tablet to Josef Tiso, the wartime puppet leader of Slovakia, has been removed from the former Roman Catholic teachers college in the Slovak town of Banovce, where it was unveiled on July 8. The tablet, which had been ceremonially placed on the building and blessed by the bishop of Nitra, Josef Korec, was… More ▸

  • References to Jews Virtually Banned in Czech, Slovak Books

    References to the pre-World War II Jewish community of Czechoslovakia has been almost completely banned in publications dealing with the nation’s general literary and local histories, and in major comprehensive reference books published during the last 25 years, it was reported by the London-based, International Council of Jews from Czechoslovakia. An order placed last year… More ▸

  • Canadian Slovak to Pay for Kidney Transplant to Save the Life of a Soviet Jew

    –A $30,000 kidney transplant operation to save the life of a 21-year-old Soviet Jewish emigre hoping to come to Canada will be paid by a charitable foundation in Toronto established by a Slovakia-born Roman Catholic. The Stephen B. Roman Foundation said in a letter to both the federal and provincial government in Canada that it… More ▸

  • Slovakia Communist Paper Assails ‘zionist Centers’ in Europe. U.S.

    Pravda, the leading Communist daily in Slovakia, recently published a virulent attack against what were described as “Zionist centers in London, Vienna, New York, Rome, Tel Aviv, Paris, Brussels and Munich, complemented by emigrants from socialist countries,” according to the International Council of Jews from Czechoslovakia with headquarters in London. These “centers” are charged with… More ▸

  • Report Some of Slovakia’s Jewish Cemeteries Will Be Demolished

    A number of Slovakia’s 600 Jewish cemeteries are going to be demolished and turned over to other uses. According to the London-based International Council of Jews from Czechoslovakia, the plan was announced to a recent meeting of the Union of Jewish Communities in Slovakia. Julius Ehrenthal, the Union’s new cochairman, had said that some of… More ▸

  • Dr. Richard Feder, Chief Rabbi of Slovakia, Dies at 95

    Dr. Richard Feder, Chief Rabbi of Slovakia, died here Friday at the age of 95. Dr. Feder, a survivor of the Terezin (Theresienstadt) Concentration Camp, was a noted Talmudic scholar and theologian. After the war he proved an effective leader of the Czech Jews, and remained vigorous until his death. His 95th birthday last August… More ▸

  • Slovak Communist Paper States Pan-arabism Relies on Feudal Conservative Regimes

    The organ of the Slovak Communist Party,”Pravda,” said that “the Arab Summit Conference at Rabat has shown that the idea of resistance to Israel based on the principle of Pan Arabism as a unifying factor was not sufficient because it relies on feudal and conservative regimes, tied to Western capitalism. Differences have deepened after the… More ▸

  • Report Jews in Slovakia Under Pressure, Anti-semitic Slogans Painted in Bratislava

    Jews in Slovakia appear to be caught in a squeeze between resentment of the Soviet invasion and Communist Party leader Gustav Husak’s determination to obey the Russians to the letter, according to a Washington Post dispatch from Bratislava today. Correspondent Dan Morgan reported that slogans were chalked on billboards in the city’s main square alleging… More ▸