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  • Chief Rabbi of Slovakia Visits Britain; Will Meet Leaders

    Rabbi Elias Katz, the chief rabbi of Slovakia, arrived in London today in response to an invitation from Dr. Israel Brodie, chief rabbi of the British Commonwealth. Rabbi Brodie said Rabbi Katz will meet with rabbinic leaders of Britain to discuss problems of Jewish religious law. More ▸

  • Pope Tried to Save Slovak Jews from Death Camps, Jesuit Organ Claims

    The late Pope Pius XII, head of the Holy See during the Hitler era, had tried to save Slovakian Jews from deportation to the Nazi death camps, an article in the Civilta Cattolica, official organ of the Italian Jesuits, asserted in its latest issue. The importance attributed to the article, written by a well-known priest,… More ▸

  • Eichmann Linked to Mass Annihilation of Jews in Rumania and Slovakia

    The prosecution in the Adolf Eichmann trial here, put the anti-Jewish atrocities in Rumania and Slovakia into focus today, proving once again that Eichmann personally had been the top man in the Nazi apparatus in charge of the holocaust. In Rumania, the testimony and documents showed, between 250,000 and 300,000 Jews were murdered. While some… More ▸

  • A.d.l. Asks United States to Deport Slovak Nazi Collaborator

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith asked Attorney General William P. Rogers today to order the expulsion from this country of Ferdinand Durcansky, one-time foreign minister of the Nazi puppet State of Slovakia. Arnold Forster, general counsel of the ADL, asked the Attorney General to initiate deportation proceedings against Durcansky on the grounds that his… More ▸

  • Rep. Celler Protests Admission to U.S. of Ex-nazi Slovak Minister

    Protests mounted today against the admittance to the United States of a former foreign minister of the Nazi puppet regime in Slovakia during World War II. Congressman Emanuel Celler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said he was trying to find out how Ferdinand Durcansky, charged with being a war criminal and Nazi collaborator, had… More ▸

  • Hearings Started in Slovakia Against 17 Fascist War Criminals

    Hearings have begun in Zilina, Slovakia, on an application of the regional prosecutor for the re-opening of criminal proceedings against 17 members of the anti-Semitic Hlinka Guard accused of war crimes and atrocities in 1945 against Slovak patriots, anti-Nazi partisans and Jews. A report of the proceedings was broadcast by Prague Radio and heard here…. More ▸

  • 35 Anti-semites Who Collaborated with Nazis Arrested in Slovakia

    The Czechoslovak authorities have arrested 35 former members of the anti-Semitic, Fascist Hlinka guards on charges of murdering 400 people, during the Nazi occupation, it was reported here today. The report said that more former Hlinka Guardsmen were sought on the same indictment, but are in hiding abroad. The suspicion prevails that many of the… More ▸

  • Slovak Nazi Sentenced to Death; Sent Jews to Nazi Gas Chambers

    The death sentence has been imposed by the Slovak Supreme Court on Michael Vilhardt, former leader of the right-wing Hlinka Guard, convicted of carrying out acts of violence and robbery against Jews and confiscating Jewish property. The court found that Vilhardt was directly responsible for sending a number of Jewish families to the Nazi gas… More ▸

  • Vienna Jews Protest Admission of Slovak Nazi Puppet

    A strong protest against the granting of an Austrian entry visa to Ferdinand Durcansky, Foreign Minister in the puppet Slovak Republic under the Nazi regime, has been made to the Ministry of the Interior by the Vienna Jewish community, it was revealed today. Durcansky worked closely with the Nazis in the deportation of Jews from… More ▸