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  • Andy Samberg is Mayim Bialik

    Need another reason why you should be bummed about Andy Samberg supposedly leaving Saturday Night Live? Last Saturday, Samberg pretended to be Mayim Bialik in a spoof of the Old Navy commercial where Bialik brought her old character Blossom back. He even called her the “Jewish Strawberry Shortcake.” Watch the original commercial:   And Andy… More ▸

  • Is Andy Samberg leaving SNL?

    According to Us Weekly, sources close to Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg say that the three will depart “Saturday Night Live” at the end of the season to pursue movie careers. Wiig and Sudeikis have already established themselves as big screen lead actors (Wiig in “Bridesmaids” and Sudeikis in “Horrible Bosses”), wheres Samberg… More ▸

  • Daniel Radcliffe: 10 points. Saturday Night Live: 0

    Legendary (and recently dried up) late-night sketch show “Saturday Night Live” ushered in 2012 with a bang. And by “bang,” I mean hardcore suckiness. With English wizarding legend Daniel Radcliffe hosting and newcomer Lana Del Rey, producers thought the show would be a hit. Unfortunately, they forgot about their crappy writers and past musical disasters…. More ▸

  • Andy Samberg is Kris Humphries on SNL’s Kardashian’s spoof

    Well, that was pretty obvious. Since the whole Kardashian divorce story hasn’t gotten old yet, everyone is jumping on the laugh-at-them-but-kinda-wish-you-lived-their-carefree-life bandwagon. The latest ones to laugh: Saturday Night Live, with a hilarious video showing the Kardashian “Fairytale Divorce,” featuring Nasim Pedrad as Kim (they really look alike), Kristen Wiig as a way more attractive version of… More ▸

  • Drake: ‘I was begging to act on SNL!’

    A couple of days ago we posted the hilarious SNL short in which Andy Samberg interviewed Drake. Apparently, there is a reason why Drake did more than just sing: He just really really wanted to act. “I’m dying to, man. I was begging,” Drake told MTV News. “I was begging everybody like, ‘Please let me… More ▸

  • Jason Segel to host SNL

    After this weekend’s lackluster outing with host(ess) Anna Faris, SNL watchers could use some good news. Well for Judd Apatow and HIMYM fans, that comes in the form of Jason Segel, who will be taking over hosting duties on November 19th, a mere four days before his new movie, The Muppets, is released. Who do… More ▸

  • Andy Samberg interviews Drake. HILARIOUS!

    Rapper Drake was musical guest on this weekend’s SNL and he got a special treatment from Andy Samberg, in a series of bizarre interviews. If you’re into Andy Samberg’s humor, prepare for two minutes and 35 seconds of comic gold. More ▸

  • Iran So Far: 2011 edition

    Thursday at the U.N., Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the General Assembly, spewing his typical anti-U.S., anti-West and anti-Israel nonsense. Different year, same rhetoric. It is often said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In accordance with that idiom, below is the best response ever created to Ahmadinejad’s pronouncements  — a love song… More ▸

  • Emmy nominations 2011: The chosen were barely chosen

    The nominations for the 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards were published earlier today and the industry’s finest Jewish actors and actresses were mostly left out. The only actress of Jewish decent who was nominated for a major award was Julianna Marguiles, for her work in “The Good Wife.” It’s not like there were a bunch… More ▸