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Soviet Jewry

  • News Brief

    The U.S. House of Representatives approved a measure that would graduate Ukraine from the Jackson-Vanik trade restrictions. The House voted Wednesday to lift sanctions on Ukraine, which were imposed in 1974 because of the Soviet Union’s emigration and human rights policies for Jews. The measure passed 417-2 Wednesday, after passing the Senate last November. More ▸

  • Across the Former Soviet Union Nationalist Youth Group in Russia Stages Event to Mark Holocaust Day

    A Kremlin-backed youth group that previously alarmed human rights watchers with its attacks against liberal politicians has held a Holocaust-remembrance event. About a dozen of young men clad in red white-sleeved nylon jackets spent several hours near the Moscow Choral Synagogue last Friday quietly handing out leaflets with “6,000,000” on top to passers-by. The leaflets… More ▸

  • Across the Former Soviet Union Ukrainian Jews Cry Politics After State Tv Cancels Show

    Ukrainian Jews are disappointed by the decision of Ukrainian state television to cancel its Jewish-themed weekly show. Reasons given for the show’s cancellation have been mixed. Many Jewish groups and the show’s producers said that the show’s criticism of a prominent public figure known for his anti-Semitism directly caused the show to be nixed. State… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Russia’s foreign minister said U.S. laws tying Russia’s trade status to human-rights conditions were an “unfair use of economic levers to political ends.” Sergey Lavrov criticized the Jackson-Vanik laws last Friday, which were used to punish the former Soviet Union for its policies prohibiting Jewish emigration. More ▸