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  • Murder of Dominican May Signal Arrival of Xenophobia in Spain

    The recent murder of a Dominican woman in a Madrid suburb has raised concern that the wave of xenophobia rocking Germany and other European countries has arrived in Spain. On Nov. 13, four hooded men broke into an abandoned discotheque which tens of Dominicans had made into a makeshift home. The attackers shot Lucrecia Perez… More ▸

  • Christians Stage Massive Repentance for Edict Expelling Jews from Spain

    Some 1,000 Christians from 50 countries staged a massive act of repentance in Toledo last week for the edict that expelled Jews from Spain 500 years ago. They made public petitions signed by thousands of Christians worldwide calling for the restoration to Jewish administration of an ancient Toledo synagogue, Santa Maria la Blanca. The imposing… More ▸

  • Peres Cuts Short Visit to Spain After Wife Suffers Heart Attack

    Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres cut short a European tour here Monday after his wife, Sonia, suffered a heart attack in Jerusalem. Peres ended up staying here just half a day and managed only to meet with King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez. He was having lunch with Gonzalez when he was told… More ▸

  • Youth to Visit Morocco, Spain

    A delegation of almost 500 Israeli youths will embark on a tour of Spain and Morocco for the culmination of events commemorating the 500th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews from Spain. It will be the first organized visit of Israeli youths to an Arab country except for Egypt, and is intended to explore… More ▸

  • Spain Provides Refuge to Jews Who Fled Strife-torn Sarajevo

    The Spanish government has given temporary refuge to 52 Jews from the war-torn former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Twenty-one of them arrived here last Friday in an operation arranged by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, which had received a request from the Belgrade Jewish community. The rest were due Monday. The group that… More ▸

  • Spanish Court Frowns on Nazi Comics

    A Barcelona court has sentenced the publisher of an anti-Semitic comic book to 32 days in jail and fined him $1,000. The publisher, Damian Carulla, was also forbidden to publish further editions of the comic book "Hitler SS" in Spain. The ruling overturned an earlier court decision that had absolved Carulla and his Makoki publishing… More ▸

  • Ancient Toledano Family Receives Welcome and Apology in Spain

    Queen Sofia of Spain received a Ketubah chronicling the marriages of the Toledano family from the time Daniel Toledano, chief rabbi of Castille, left the land of his ancestors in 1492. In turn, 20 members of the Toledano family each received the key to the city of Toledo with letters asking for forgiveness for the… More ▸

  • Spain Approves Proposed Accord Giving Judaism Official Status

    The Spanish government has given a major boost to a historic accord that would grant the 12,000-member Jewish community of Spain a status almost identical to that of the Roman Catholic Church. The accord, which was drawn up two years ago and signed a few days before the 500th anniversary of the edict expelling Spain’s… More ▸

  • King of Spain Pays Tribute to Jews 500 Years After Edict of Expulsion

    In a ceremony redolent of the pomp and flourish that befits royalty, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Sofia righted a 15th-century wrong on Tuesday. In the presence of Israeli President Chaim Herzog; his predecessor, Yitzhak Navon; and hundreds of others at Madrid’s Beth Yaacov synagogue, the Spanish regents honored the Jews whose ancestors… More ▸

  • Herzog, Visiting Madrid, Salutes Spain and Israel’s Common Culture

    Israeli President Chaim Herzog described his official visit here on the eve of the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of Spain’s Jews as a dream. “I wonder if all those great immortals– Maimonides, Ibn Gvirol, Nachmanides, Shmuel Hanagid, Yehuda Levy to name a few — ever dreamt for one moment that the president of an… More ▸