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  • Spain Approves Proposed Accord Giving Judaism Official Status

    The Spanish government has given a major boost to a historic accord that would grant the 12,000-member Jewish community of Spain a status almost identical to that of the Roman Catholic Church. The accord, which was drawn up two years ago and signed a few days before the 500th anniversary of the edict expelling Spain’s… More ▸

  • King of Spain Pays Tribute to Jews 500 Years After Edict of Expulsion

    In a ceremony redolent of the pomp and flourish that befits royalty, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Sofia righted a 15th-century wrong on Tuesday. In the presence of Israeli President Chaim Herzog; his predecessor, Yitzhak Navon; and hundreds of others at Madrid’s Beth Yaacov synagogue, the Spanish regents honored the Jews whose ancestors… More ▸

  • Herzog, Visiting Madrid, Salutes Spain and Israel’s Common Culture

    Israeli President Chaim Herzog described his official visit here on the eve of the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of Spain’s Jews as a dream. “I wonder if all those great immortals– Maimonides, Ibn Gvirol, Nachmanides, Shmuel Hanagid, Yehuda Levy to name a few — ever dreamt for one moment that the president of an… More ▸

  • Spain’s Ambiguous Nazi Era Role Emerges During Revisionist Tour

    A lecture tour in Spain by French Holocaust revisionist Robert Faurisson has called attention to this country’s ambiguous role during the Nazi era and its strivings toward democracy since the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975. The Paris Court of Justice convicted Faurisson last year of falsifying history and inciting racial hatred. A civil… More ▸

  • Spanish Court Clears Holocaust Satire

    A Spanish court has ruled that a Barcelona publishing house did not violate the law when it published a cartoon book satirizing the Holocaust. But the plaintiffs, who include the local B’nai B’rith chapter and an organization of Holocaust survivors, plan to appeal the lower court’s decision, which absolves Editorial Makoki and its director, Damia… More ▸

  • Spanish Leader Visits Israel 500 Years After the Expulsion

    Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez of Spain participated in ceremonies here Monday marking the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of Spanish Jewry. He was the guest of President Chaim Herzog at the presidential residence following talks with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and Foreign Minister David Levy. Gonzalez, on the first official visit to Israel by a… More ▸

  • Spanish Premier to Vist After All

    Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez Marquez is planning to visit Israel after all, despite media reports last week to the contrary. Sources in Madrid said Gonzalez was irritated by media reports that he was postponing a visit to Israel that he had planned for this fall and has now decided to make the trip as… More ▸

  • Spanish Leader Cancels Plans to Visit Israel on Mideast Tour

    Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez Marquez of Spain apparently has canceled plans to visit Israel this fall, officials in Madrid confirmed over the weekend. He acted contrary to the advice of his foreign minister, Francisco Fernandez Ordonez, sources there said. The unexpected change of plans is the first serious break in the smooth pace at which… More ▸

  • Spanish King Accepts Invitation to Visit Israel, He Tells Levy

    King Juan Carlos I of Spain has accepted an invitation from President Chaim Herzog to visit Israel next year. The invitation was delivered by Israeli Forging Minister David Levy, who met which the King Wednesday in Granada. Juan Carlos agreed that March 31, 1992 would be the symbolically appropriate date for his visit. It will… More ▸

  • Peace Talks with Syria Possible, Levy Says During Visit to Spain

    Peace talks between Israel and Syria could begin immediately if Damascus gives a positive reply to President Bush’s recent request for flexibility, Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy said here Tuesday. Levy spoke to reporters after meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Francisco Fernandez Ordonez. “We are expecting that Syria will finally give its answer and that… More ▸