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  • Spanish Foreign Minister Invites Arafat to Madrid for Peace Talks

    Spain is moving swiftly at the head of a European Community effort to bring Israelis and Palestinians together to talk peace. Spanish Foreign Minister Francisco Fernandez Ordonez has invited Palestine Liberation Organization chief Yasir Arafat to Madrid for talks Jan. 27, E.C. sources disclosed here Monday. Fernandez himself will be going to Jerusalem Jan. 15… More ▸

  • With Spain at Helm of the E.c., More Contacts with PLO Planned

    Spain took over the rotating chairmanship of the European Community’s Council of Ministers Sunday and is likely to be deeply involved in Middle East peace efforts during its six-month tenure. The Middle East shares top priority on the E.C. agenda, along with East-West relations and the conflicts in Central America, a government spokesman in Madrid… More ▸

  • Israel, Spain Fail to Resolve Dispute over Tourist Visas

    Complaints that Spain is niggardly and uncooperative in issuing Israeli citizens tourist visas and other entry documents were the subject of bilateral talks here Saturday and Sunday. But no progress was reported on the issue after two days of discussion between Yossi Beilin, political director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and his Spanish counterpart,… More ▸

  • Minister in Spanish Government First Jew Since Inquisition

    The first Jew to serve in the Spanish government since the Jews were expelled from Spain nearly 500 years ago will take the oath of office here Tuesday. Enrique Mugica Herzog, a 56-year-old Socialist activist from San Sebastian, in the Basque region, will be sworn in as minister of justice. His appointment was part of… More ▸

  • Spanish Arms Deal with Israel Running into Domestic Opposition

    The Spanish Defense Ministry’s efforts to involve Israel Aircraft Industries in a $200 million project to modernize 24 Mirage-3 combat aircraft in the Spanish air force has run into strong opposition. Defense Minister Narciso Serra decided some time ago that two Spanish companies, Ceselsa and Casa, would put together a consortium to do the work…. More ▸

  • Spanish-israeli Relations Grow Colder

    Spanish-Israeli relations, which had gotten off to a promising start when Spain recognized the Jewish state in 1987, have become more strained of late, owing to Spanish sympathy for the Palestinian uprising in the Israeli-administered territories. Friction further escalated last week when a Spanish firm, Esperanza Y Cia, lost out to an Israeli weapons manufacturer… More ▸

  • Spanish-israeli Relations Suffer from Media Bashing

    Fears are growing here that the recent improvement in Israeli-Spanish relations will fall victim to what observers see as one of the strongest anti-Israel campaigns ever in the Spanish media. The negative portrayal of Israel seen lately in most Western capitals goes far beyond harsh criticism in Spain. Even the most respected, mass circulation newspapers… More ▸

  • Eban Urges Spain to Play Role in Fostering Arab-jewish Peace

    Abba Eban appealed last week to the leaders of Spain and the Spanish people to use their unique position as a member of the European Community and a bridge to the Arab world to play a constructive, if indirect, role to improve prospects for peace in the Middle East. “Spain should ask itself, as the… More ▸