• Spanish-israeli Relations Grow Colder

    Spanish-Israeli relations, which had gotten off to a promising start when Spain recognized the Jewish state in 1987, have become more strained of late, owing to Spanish sympathy for the Palestinian uprising in the Israeli-administered territories. Friction further escalated last week when a Spanish firm, Esperanza Y Cia, lost out to an Israeli weapons manufacturer… More ▸

  • Spanish-israeli Relations Suffer from Media Bashing

    Fears are growing here that the recent improvement in Israeli-Spanish relations will fall victim to what observers see as one of the strongest anti-Israel campaigns ever in the Spanish media. The negative portrayal of Israel seen lately in most Western capitals goes far beyond harsh criticism in Spain. Even the most respected, mass circulation newspapers… More ▸

  • Eban Urges Spain to Play Role in Fostering Arab-jewish Peace

    Abba Eban appealed last week to the leaders of Spain and the Spanish people to use their unique position as a member of the European Community and a bridge to the Arab world to play a constructive, if indirect, role to improve prospects for peace in the Middle East. “Spain should ask itself, as the… More ▸

  • Peres Receives Warm Welcome in Spain

    Foreign Minister Shimon Peres received a warm welcome when he arrived here Sunday for a two-day official visit, the first by a senior Israeli Minister to Spain since the two countries established diplomatic relations more than a year ago. Peres was greeted at the airport by Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez who said relations with Israel… More ▸

  • Spain to Stress Jewish Contribution to America’s Discovery, Says Minister

    A high-ranking Spanish government official said here Wednesday that his government plans to stress the contribution of Spanish Jews to the discovery of America in the course of the quincentennial celebrations of the event in 1992. Luis Yanez, Spain’s Secretary of State for International Cooperation, said at a special briefing with Israeli reporters and the… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA an Academic to Be Israel’s New Ambassador to Spain

    Prof. Shlomo Ben Ami, head of Tel Aviv University’s School of History, has been designated to replace Samuel Hadass as Israel’s Ambassador to Spain. Hadass will be returning to Jerusalem as soon as his successor has been formally confirmed by the governments of Israel and Spain, and arrives in Madrid to assume his important post…. More ▸

  • Israel and Spain Are Moving Toward Closer Trade Relations

    Israel and Spain are moving closer to trade relations since the two countries established diplomatic ties early this year. The Spanish Minister of Trade, Luis Valesco, will visit Israel early next year and an Israeli trade delegation will go to Spain next month. The visits were arranged between the Spanish Minister and the Israeli Minister… More ▸