• Behind the Headlines Jews and Non-jews in Spain

    The PLO has asked the Spanish government to accord it full diplomatic status. It has made this request ever since Israel was granted recognition by Spain early last year. Although the terrorist organization has a three-story building in the heart of Madrid, and has been operating almost as any Embassy, it has never enjoyed complete… More ▸

  • Spain, Israel Sign Trade Agreement

    Spain and Israel have concluded an agreement which will further trade contacts between the two countries. The agreement was signed by the heads of the Israeli and Spanish Chambers of Commerce at the end of the first official visit of Spanish business men to Israel since diplomatic relations were established earlier this year. The trade… More ▸

  • First Ambassador of Spain to Israel to Present His Credentials Next Week

    Pedro Lopez Aguirre de Goa, the first Ambassador of Spain to Israel, arrived here Sunday and will present his credentials to President Chaim Herzog next Monday. Spain and Israel established diplomatic relations in January and the first Israeli envoy, Shmuel Hadass, has already taken up his post in Madrid. In remarks to reporters, Lopez Aguirre… More ▸

  • Israel’s First Envoy to Spain Presents His Credentials to King

    Shmuel Hadass became Israel’s first Ambassador to Spain when he presented his credentials last Thursday to King Juan Carlos in Madrid. Hadass has been Israel’s unofficial representative in Spain since 1981 while serving as representative to the World Tourism Organization in Madrid. Spain and Israel announced the establishment of diplomatic relations last month. The announcements… More ▸

  • Israel and Spain Formally Announce Ambassadors to Each Other’s Country

    Israel has formally named Shmuel Hadass, a career diplomat, as its first Ambassador to Spain. The announcement followed yesterday’s Cabinet meeting where the Ministers were informed that Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez of Spain has already assured Premier Shimon Peres that his government would welcome Hadass’ appointment. Hadass is no stranger to Madrid. He has been… More ▸

  • Focus on Issues Spain Takes Long Overdue Step to Recognize Israel

    The Spanish government, by establishing formal diplomatic ties with Israel last Friday, took what it and apparently most of the Spanish people consider a long overdue and honorable step, at the risk of Arab economic sanctions and possible terrorist attacks against Spanish installations and citizens abroad and at home. Spain sought to forestall diplomatic and… More ▸

  • Shamir: Spanish-israeli Diplomatic Ties Will Help Strengthen Israel’s Standing in the World Communit

    Shmuel Hadass, who has been Israel’s unofficial representative in Madrid until now, will become the Jewish State’s first Ambassador to Spain, it was learned here Friday when the two countries announced the establishment of diplomatic relations. Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in a special interview Friday, “I regard the establishment of… More ▸

  • Israel and Spain Expected to Announce Establishment of Ties

    Spain and Israel are expected to announce tomorrow the establishment of diplomatic relations between them, informed sources here confirmed today. The announcement in Madrid is to follow a Cabinet meeting there with a simultaneous announcement in Jerusalem, the sources said. Earlier this week, the Spanish Foreign Minister summoned the Ambassadors of the Arab League states… More ▸

  • Israel and Spain to Soon Announce Establishment of Diplomatic Relations

    Israel and Spain will announce jointly next month the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, including the exchange of ambassadors, according to Madrid radio reports monitored here by the World Jewish Congress. The reports, citing governmental sources in Madrid, said the announcement will be made in February at a meeting between the Spanish… More ▸