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Sri Lanka

  • Israel Fails to Persuade Ceylon; Diplomatic Accreditation Canceled

    Israel has failed to persuade Ceylon to change its decision to cancel the accreditation of Ceylon’s non-resident Minister in Israel and that decision stands, it was reported today. Mrs. Bandaranaike, Ceylon’s Premier, said recently she planned to reconsider the accreditation in an effort to improve Ceylonese relations with the Arab states. Daniel Levin, who is… More ▸

  • Israel Acts to Prevent Deterioration of Relations with Ceylon

    The Israel Foreign Ministry acted to prevent further deterioration of Israel-Ceylon relations which have been shaken by an announcement of Ceylon of plans to review a decision to accredit a Ceylonese Minister to Israel. The Foreign Ministry sent instructions to Daniel Levin, Israel’s Ambassador to Japan, to proceed immediately to Ceylon. Mr. Levin is also… More ▸

  • Israel Refrains from Commenting on Statement of Ceylon’s Premier

    The Foreign Ministry today abstained from commenting on the statement by Ceylon’s new Premier, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike that her Government would re-study the accreditation of Ceylon’s Minister to Israel, in an effort to improve relations with the Arab states. The Arabs had been pressuring Ceylon for months against improving relations with Israel and used the… More ▸

  • Ceylon’s New Premier Indicates Intention to Alter Policy on Israel

    Ceylon’s new Premier, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, has issued a statement indicating her Government intends to alter its friendly policy toward Israel, to appease the Arab League states. Ceylon and Israel have had the friendliest of relations for years. Two years ago, Ceylon bought two warships from Israel. Mrs. Bandaranaike’s statement, issued at her capital, Colombo,… More ▸

  • Second Israeli Frigate, Sold to Ceylon, Reaches Colombo Harbor

    The second of two Israeli frigates sold over a year ago to the Government of Ceylon was formally turned over to the Ceylonese Navy at Ceylon’s capital of Colombo today, according to an official report from the frigate’s Israeli crew received here. The second of the ships, the Miznak. sailed from Israelis port of Eilat… More ▸

  • Israeli Frigate Sold to Ceylon Reported to Be En Route to Colombo

    The second of two Israeli frigates sold to Ceylon, the Mizhak, was en route today to Colombo where a Ceylonese crew will take over the vessel from its Israel crew. Several Israeli instructors will remain to train the Ceylonese crew and the other Israelis will return home. The Miznak left Israel last Thursday night and… More ▸

  • Ceylon Proposes Conciliation Body for Arab-israel Refugee Settlement

    Ceylon proposed here today that the Palestine Conciliation Commission be revived and enlarged, and be given a specific mandate to work out a compromise between Israel and the Arab states for overall settlement of the Arab refugee problem. The proposal was made by Dr. G. P. Malalasekera, vice chairman of the Ceylonese delegation, the first… More ▸

  • Israel Hands over Frigate to Ceylon Navy at Ceremony in Gulf of Aden

    The Mivtach, one of the two frigates sold by Israel to Ceylon, is now officially in the hands of the Ceylonese Navy, it was reported here today. In a ceremony in the Bay of Aden, the Israel flag was lowered, and the Ceylonese standard was raised aboard the Mivtach, as the transfer of the fighting… More ▸

  • Second Israeli Frigate Will Be Handed over to Ceylon at Eilat Port

    While the first of the two frigates sold by Israel to Ceylon is now already in the Red Sea ready to be transferred there to a Ceylonese crew, the second frigate will be handed over to the Ceylonese at Israel’s port of Eilat in a traditional flag-changing ceremony, it was reported here today. The order… More ▸

  • Israeli Frigate Passes Tiran Straits; Will Be Delivered to Ceylon

    One of the two frigates sold by Israel to Ceylon passed through the Straits of Tiran today, manned by an Israeli crew, and will be handed over to the Ceylonese authorities on the high seas, somewhere in the Red Sea. The Ceylonese minesweeper with its crew, which was to take over the frigates at the… More ▸