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Sri Lanka

  • Ceylon Reported by Egypt As Cancelling Purchase of Israeli Frigates

    The deal involving the sale by Israel of two frigates to the Government of Ceylon was reported cancelled, according to a broadcast over the Cairo radio monitored here today. The broadcast said the cancellation was agreed to at a meeting between United Arab Republic President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Ceylon’s Ambassador in Cairo. Israel circles… More ▸

  • Transfer of Israeli Frigates to Ceylon to Be Effected at Eilat Port

    The problem of transferring to Ceylon the two frigates sold to that country by Israel is expected to be solved “within the near future,” it was stated authoritatively here today. The frigates are in the harbor at Eilat, awaiting Ceylonese crews to man them and sail them down the Gulf of Akaba, through the Straits… More ▸

  • Israel Cabinet Discusses Suez Issue; Ceylon May Drop Frigate Deal

    Two issues involving Israel’s insistence on freedom of innocent shipping through international waterway were discussed here today at a meeting of the Cabinet, under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister Golda Meir. Prime Minister David Ben Gurion is on vacation. The issues concerned are: 1. The one of the Danish freighter Inge Toft, tied to a… More ▸

  • Egypt’s Stand Delays Sailing of Frigates Bought by Ceylon from Israel

    Israeli circles today were puzzled by an action taken by the government of Ceylon, which seems to be awaiting the “permission” of the United Arab Republic and Saudi Arabia to transit from the Red Sea through the Straits of Tiran to pick up two frigates which Ceylon has bought from Israel. The ships, Israel’s Miznak… More ▸

  • Israel Sells Two Frigates to Ceylon; Are No Longer Needed at Elath Port

    Israel has sold to Ceylon two frigates bought from Canada in 1953. The ships are now afloat in the Gulf of Akaba, at Elath, where they reached from Haifa in 1956, following the launching of the Sinai campaign. They had rounded the Cape of Good Hope on that journey. The vessels, the Miznak and the… More ▸

  • Israel’s Trade Minister to Tour Japan, Burma, Thailand, Ceylon

    Trade Minister Pinchas Saphir will leave for a six-week tour of Japan, Burma, Thailand, Ceylon and possibly other Far Eastern countries early next month, it was announced here today. He will be accompanied by several aides. Mr. Saphir hopes to negotiate either a trade pact or a payments agreement with Japan as a means of… More ▸

  • Ceylon and Israel to Establish Diplomatic Relations; Move Hailed

    Israel and Ceylon will establish diplomatic relations, it was announced here today. The move was hailed by the Foreign Ministry as a further step in the establishment of close ties between Israel and the Asian countries. For the time being, Yaacov Shimony, Israel’s Minister to Burma, will also act as Minister to Colombo. More ▸