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Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry

  • Chernobilsky Receives Permission to Emigrate, After 13-year Battle

    Former prisoner of conscience Boris Chernobilsky, who spent one year in a labor camp during a 13-year battle to leave the Soviet Union, has received permission to emigrate to Israel, according to the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry and the National Conference on Soviet Jewry. Also receiving permission, according to the SSSJ reports, were his… More ▸

  • Soviet Jewish Emigration at Highest Level Since 1980

    Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union continued to rise last month, reaching the highest level since April 1980, when 2,469 Jews left the USSR. A total of 2,051 Soviet Jews were allowed to emigrate last month, 190 of whom, or 9.3 percent, went to Israel, the National Conference on Soviet Jewry reported Thursday. The September… More ▸

  • Refusenik on Rare Visit to West Appeals at Rally for U.S. Support

    Galina Zelichonok, one of the few Soviet refuseniks to be granted a temporary visitors visa to the West, and the first to speak out in public abroad, quietly thanked a crowd rallying for Soviet Jewry for its continued support. “It’s a very strange feeling because I can’t believe that I have the opportunity to be… More ▸

  • Eight Arrested at Soviet Mission in Protest for Alling Refusenik

    Eight persons, four of them doctors and one a rabbi, had themselves arrested Sunday outside the Soviet Mission to the United Nations to dramatize the plight of Georgi Samoilovich, a Jewish refusenik suffering from cancer. They blocked the entrance, in violation of a city ordinance, and were charged with disorderly conduct and released. The eight… More ▸

  • Ncsj Revises Soviet Jewry Emigration Figures for July

    The National Conference on Soviet Jewry announced Thursday a “major correction” on its previously released emigration figures for July, citing an inadvertent failure to subtract 320 non-Jewish emigres from the total figure of 1,698 Jews and non-Jews who left the Soviet Union. The new figure of 1,378 Jewish emigres in July actually represents a slight… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Demonstrate As Pope Meets with Waldheim

    A small group of Jewish demonstrators, wearing mock uniforms of concentration camp inmates and singing “Am Yisrael Chai,” gathered outside the office of Austrian President Kurt Waldheim for an hour and a half Thursday to protest the meeting between Pope John Paul II and the Austrian head of state. The group later staged another demonstration… More ▸

  • Israeli Policy Change on Visas May Not Impede Freedom of Choice

    Changes in Soviet emigration policy have diminished the impact of the Israeli Cabinet’s decision Sunday to extend visas only to those Soviet Jews intent on making aliyah, according to Jewish organizations and resettlement agencies in the United States. Leaders of organizations that deal with the problem say they remain committed to the concept that Soviet… More ▸

  • Reagan Meets with Refuseniks, Presses Soviet on Human Rights

    President Reagan continued to press the Soviet Union on its human rights record Monday in a meeting with Soviet activists, including 17-year refusenik Yuli Kosharovsky. “On human rights, on the fundamental dignity of the human person, there can be no relenting. For now we must work for more, always more,” said Reagan in remarks broadcast… More ▸

  • Reagan Departs for Moscow Summit with Pledge to Push Human Rights

    President Reagan left Wednesday for Helsinki en route to Moscow, for his fourth summit with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, with a pledge to continue pressing for improvements in the human rights policies of the Soviet Union. Reagan said that since his first meeting with Gorbachev in 1985, he has sought to achieve a working relationship… More ▸

  • Soviet Jewry Activists Planning to Picket Next Week in Helsinki

    Soviet Jewry groups from the United States will be out in force in Helsinki next week, to try and insure that the issue of Soviet Jewry and their right to emigrate from the USSR is not forgotten at the Moscow summit that begins May 29. President Reagan will stop in the Finnish capital for several… More ▸