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  • State Department Adds Sudan to List of Terrorist Nations

    In an indication of its growing concern about Islamic fundamentalism, the State Department has announced it is adding the eastern African nation of Sudan to its list of countries considered state sponsors of international terrorism. Among the reasons Sudan was placed on the list was its support for terrorist organizations, including the Abu Nidal group,… More ▸

  • Israeli Air Force Rescues Yacht Stranded off Sudan

    Two giant Israeli air force helicopters flew more than 600 miles this week to rescue 10 passengers from a luxury yacht which struck a reef in the Red Sea, off the coast of Sudan. Eight Israeli crew members of the Fantasy 11 remained on board the listing vessel to protect it against piracy as they… More ▸

  • Sudan Blocks Neighbor’s Israel Trip

    The Central African Republic said Monday it was cutting ties with its neighbor, the Sudan, for thwarting a visit by CAR President Andre Kolingba to Israel. Kolingba, airborne and bound for Tel Aviv on Sunday, was denied permission to fly through Sudanese airspace when his pilot reported their destination to Sudanese air traffic control. He… More ▸

  • Sudanese Detain 54 Ethiopian Jews

    Sudanese authorities have recently detained 54 Ethiopian Jews who crossed the border into Sudan, according to a Sudanese newspaper which was quoted here last Friday by Al Hamishmar. The Sudanese paper, All-Ittihad Al-Asbui, reported that the supervisor of refugee affairs in Sudan said the country’s security authorities will continue to hold the Ethiopian Jews until… More ▸

  • Sudan Moves Again to Block Departure of Ethiopian Jews

    Sudanese officials have called for increased vigilance in order to thwart attempts by Ethiopian Jews in Sudanese refugee camps to escape to Israel, the World Jewish Congress reported today. According to monitoring sources of the WJC here, the official Sudanese radio last week aired demands by local officials for tighter surveillance of voluntary relief organizations… More ▸

  • Sudan to Try Ex-vp for Airlift

    Sudan has formally begun a judicial investigation seeking to charge those involved in the clandestine airlift of thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, the World Jewish Congress reported this week. The airlift was halted last January following its public disclosure. WJC monitoring sources here reported that Radio Khartoum said that “the file of Ethiopian Jews… More ▸

  • Sudan’s New Government to Open Inquiry into ‘the Falasha Affair’

    Sudan’s new military rulers today named a colonel in the now disbanded State Security Department as the man responsible for having permitted the departure by air of thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. The Military Council now ruling Sudan has said it will open an inquiry into “the Falasha affair” and will “severely punish” those… More ▸

  • U.S. Praised for Its Role in Weekend Airlift of Ethiopian Jews from Sudan

    Two leading American Jewish organizations today praised the United States for its role in the secret airlift of hundreds of Ethiopian Jews from the Sudan to Israel over the weekend. But at the same time they sought to keep a tight lid on any further public disclosure of details of the operation beyond what has… More ▸

  • U.S. Praises Sudan for Sheltering One Million Refugees

    The State Department praised Sudan today for sheltering one million refugees but avoided any reference to the Ethiopian Jews: among them. Department spokesman Bernard Kalb said that Sudan’s President, Gaafar al-Nimeiry’s remarks in a New York Times interview “appear to be a reaffirmation of Sudan’s traditional liberal policy on refugees. Over one million refugees are… More ▸

  • Israel Urged to Rescue Jews Remaining in Ethiopia and Sudan Refugee Camps

    The French Sephardic Federation is urging Israel to do all it can to resume the rescue of thousands of Jews still in Ethiopia or stranded in refugee camps in Sudan since the airlift that brought them to Israel was suspended over the weekend. The appeal was made in a cable to Premier Shimon Peres. The… More ▸