• Sudan’s New Government to Open Inquiry into ‘the Falasha Affair’

    Sudan’s new military rulers today named a colonel in the now disbanded State Security Department as the man responsible for having permitted the departure by air of thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. The Military Council now ruling Sudan has said it will open an inquiry into “the Falasha affair” and will “severely punish” those… More ▸

  • U.S. Praised for Its Role in Weekend Airlift of Ethiopian Jews from Sudan

    Two leading American Jewish organizations today praised the United States for its role in the secret airlift of hundreds of Ethiopian Jews from the Sudan to Israel over the weekend. But at the same time they sought to keep a tight lid on any further public disclosure of details of the operation beyond what has… More ▸

  • U.S. Praises Sudan for Sheltering One Million Refugees

    The State Department praised Sudan today for sheltering one million refugees but avoided any reference to the Ethiopian Jews: among them. Department spokesman Bernard Kalb said that Sudan’s President, Gaafar al-Nimeiry’s remarks in a New York Times interview “appear to be a reaffirmation of Sudan’s traditional liberal policy on refugees. Over one million refugees are… More ▸

  • Israel Urged to Rescue Jews Remaining in Ethiopia and Sudan Refugee Camps

    The French Sephardic Federation is urging Israel to do all it can to resume the rescue of thousands of Jews still in Ethiopia or stranded in refugee camps in Sudan since the airlift that brought them to Israel was suspended over the weekend. The appeal was made in a cable to Premier Shimon Peres. The… More ▸

  • Egypt and Sudan Land Arrangements

    Egypt and have had bi-national arrangements over large areas of land with each other’s sovereign territories for the past 83 years that Israel is now asking Egypt to grant in Sinai, a Congressional hearing disclosed yesterday. In a fresh development regarding Israeli security and Egyptian sovereignty, a map was introduced by Rep. Stephen Solarz (D…. More ▸

  • State Dept. Announces Resumption of Diplomatic Ties with Sudan

    The State Department announced yesterday that United States diplomatic relations with the Sudan have been resumed after more than five years. Department spokesman Charles Bray said the formalities of resumption would be concluded shortly. He said the renewal of ties was on a Sudanese initiative, and that it was premature to discuss a possible resumption… More ▸

  • Sudanese Rebel Leader Says His People Want No War with Israel

    A leader of the south Sudanese rebels who signed a truce yesterday with the central government in Khartoum, told an Israeli radio reporter last night that his people want no part of the war against Israel. In a report broadcast from southern Sudan, the reporter quoted the rebel leader as saying: “We are Africans concerned… More ▸

  • Sadat Rebuffed by Syria, Sudan

    President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, whose recent trip to Moscow was less than a resounding success, suffered another rebuff today at the hands of his Arab friends. The presidents of Syria and Sudan declined to attend an Arab summit meeting Sadat had arranged in Libya, apparently to entice the Sudanese into joining the Egypt-Libya-Syria Federation…. More ▸

  • West Germany, Sudan Renew Diplomatic Relations

    The West German Foreign Ministry announced today that the Federal Republic and Sudan have renewed diplomatic relations and will exchange ambassadors “in the very near future.” The announcement followed one earlier this week that Bonn has renewed diplomatic ties with Algeria. Relations between West Germany and most Arab states were broken by the Arabs in… More ▸