• Sadat Rebuffed by Syria, Sudan

    President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, whose recent trip to Moscow was less than a resounding success, suffered another rebuff today at the hands of his Arab friends. The presidents of Syria and Sudan declined to attend an Arab summit meeting Sadat had arranged in Libya, apparently to entice the Sudanese into joining the Egypt-Libya-Syria Federation…. More ▸

  • West Germany, Sudan Renew Diplomatic Relations

    The West German Foreign Ministry announced today that the Federal Republic and Sudan have renewed diplomatic relations and will exchange ambassadors “in the very near future.” The announcement followed one earlier this week that Bonn has renewed diplomatic ties with Algeria. Relations between West Germany and most Arab states were broken by the Arabs in… More ▸

  • Sudan Affair May Be Splitting Soviet Government and Communist Party

    The Sudanese affair has precipitated a serious crisis between the Soviet Union and a number of influential Communist Parties abroad. According to top members of the Communist Party here, a crisis is also brewing in Moscow where, for the first time in history, the Party and the Government have different interests and advocate opposite policies…. More ▸

  • Israelis Don’t Believe Sudan Will Go Communist

    Israeli political circles here said today that last night’s military coup in Sudan by allegedly Communist officers did not mean that the country would go Communist. They said the new ruling junta, headed by Maj. Hashem al-Atta, a reputed Communist, could not govern the country with Communists and pro-Communists alone but would have to include… More ▸

  • U.s., UN Condemned for Inaction on Genocide Against Black Africans in South Sudan

    The president of the National Women’s League of the United Synagogue of America has condemned United Nations and United States inaction on “the genocidal campaign of destruction that the Arab military dictatorship in Khartoum is waging against black Africans in the South Sudan.” Mrs. Henry N. Rapaport of Scarsdale expressed regret, in a statement, that… More ▸

  • Egypt’s Air Force Aiding Sudan Government in Battle to Crush Southern Sudan Revolt

    Two Sudanese rebel leaders charged today that the Egyptian Air Force was aiding the Khartoum government in its battle against the revolt in the southern Sudan. They said Egyptian aircraft were bombing and strafing. African guerrilla camps to soften them for Sudanese ground attacks, The rebel leaders were interviewed by an Israeli military networks correspondent… More ▸

  • Eban Denies Israel Maintains Military Attaches with Rebel Forces in Southern Sudan

    Foreign Minister Abba Eban today denied a London Sunday Times report that Israel was maintaining military attaches with African rebel forces in southern Sudan and was assisting the rebels. Replying to questions in the Knesset Mr. Eban said Israel was rendering aid to Kenya, Uganda and Kinshasa Congo within the framework of its technical assistance… More ▸

  • Egypt-libya-sudan Alliance Under Strain; Libya’s President Rebukes Soviet Union

    The recently formed alliance between Egypt, Libya and the Sudan developed a sharp crack last week as the heads of these states met at Khartoum to launch still another drive for all-Arab cooperation in the struggle against Israel. President Gamal Abdel Nasser, President Muammer al-Qaddhafi, of Libya and Premier Jaafar e-Numeiri of Sudan, mapped out… More ▸

  • New Sudan Premier Says Arab Policies Hinge on Bonn’s Attitude Toward Israel

    The new Premier of Sudan said in an interview published here that the sole criteria determining Arab policies toward East and West Germany was the German attitude in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Premier Abu Bakr Awallah told the newspaper Die Welt that “we have nothing against Germans, East or West, but foreign policy in all Arab… More ▸

  • New Sudan Regime Recognizes East Germany Because of Its Opposition to Israel

    The new Sudanese Government, in its first foreign policy act, has recognized East Germany because of that Government’s opposition to Israel, it was reported here. Sudan broke relations with West Germany four years ago when it recognized Israel. Speaking at a news conference in Khartoum, Premier Abubakr Awadallah, who seized control of the Government in… More ▸